LD Vote Predict and LD Turnout Predict

LD Vote Predict and LD Turnout

LD Vote Predict and LD Turnout are proprietary models identifying likely voters and their vote choices with unparalleled accuracy.  Using state-of-the art empirical modeling techniques, our models go beyond simple classifications of likely or unlikely voters.  Instead, our method produces fine-tuned results by assigning an estimated probability of voting to each respondent; a technique that allows us to derive precise overall turnout rates.  In combination, LD Vote Predict and LD Voter Turnout provide answers the most pressing questions about the modern American electorate.

Find out how your organization can leverage Vote Predict and Turnout Predict, among the most sophisticated voter behavior models available, to make better decisions, improve strategy, and allocate your resources more effectively. Contact us at info@latinodecisions.com or at 425-271-2300. 


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