A year after deferred action, Dreamers change their lives: NBC Latino

June 14, by Jacquellena Carrero

Gabriel Sanchez, Director of Research for Latino Decisions and political scientist at the University of New Mexico, says that DACA gave the comprehensive immigration reform bill the momentum to get to the Senate one year later.


How lawmakers speak about immigration reform impacts party's image: VOXXI

Jun 13, 2013, by Griselda Nevarez

As the immigration reform debate commences in the Senate, advocates are pointing to new data revealing that statements members of Congress make about immigration reform affect not only their approval ratings among Latino voters, but also those of their political parties


Votantes latinos atentos a política de reforma migratoria: La Prensa

Jun 13, 2013 by Pilar Marrero

Los votantes latinos están observando atentamente los movimientos y acciones de los partidos políticos y sus representantes en lo que se refiere a la reforma migratoria.


New polls: Even in red states, strong support for immigration reform: MSNBC

Jun 13, 2013, by Sandra Lilley

A new Latino Decisions/America’s Voice poll found disapproval for the GOP climbed to 72% after those polled were read a recent statement by Cruz.


Hispanic Majority-Minority Status Influence Increases: The Financial Times

June 13, 2013, by By Anna Fifield

White Americans became the minority in three Texas counties last year, according to new census data underscoring the rapid growth of the Hispanic population in the US as Congress wrestles with an immigration reform bill that could influence voters for years to come.


Gabriel Gómez, un hijo de colombianos, busca llegar al Senado: BBC Mundo

Jun 13, 2013, by Jason Margolis

El Partido Republicano tuvo un mal rato con los votantes latinos en las pasadas elecciones presidenciales de octubre del 2012, cuando Barack Obama se hizo con el 75% del voto hispano en Estados Unidos.


On Immigration, Rubio Is Good for the GOP, Cruz and Sessions Are a Drag: The Atlantic

June 12, by Garance Franke-Ruta

The latest round of revelations from America's Voice and Latino Decisions polling shows that the way individual senators talk about immigration reform -- the number-one issue for Latinos in America, beating jobs by 20 percent -- has the the potential to help or hurt perceptions of the entire Republican Party.


For Republicans, it's diversify or die: Newsworks.org/WHYY

Jun 12, 2013‎, by Dick Polman

It's decision time for the GOP. Does the party want to be competitive in future presidential elections, or does it prefer to doom itself to perpetual defeat?


Latino Voters Oppose Borders-First Approach: outsidethebeltway.com

June 12, by Doug Mataconis

According to a new poll, Latino voters strongly oppose an approach to immigration reform that would require some form of certification that the nation’s borders are “secure” before any other provisions of an immigration reform bill could take effect.


Do Republicans Really Have a Death Wish?: Bloomberg News

Jun 11, 2013, by Francis Wilkinson

An America's Voice/Latino Decisions poll released last week found that two-thirds of registered Hispanic voters personally know an undocumented immigrant


Senate votes yes to proceed with immigration bill – what's next: NBC Latino

Jun 11, 2013, by Sandra Lilley

They needed 60 – but they got 82.  The Senate voted 82 to 15 to formally begin the debate on the immigration reform bill, clearing the way for the possibility that the Senate votes on the legislation before July 4th, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he intends to do.


Latino Voters Poll On Immigration Finds Opposition To Border-First: HuffPo.

June 11, 2013, by Elise Foley

A strong majority of Latino voters reject the idea that border enforcement should come before a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, according to a poll released Tuesday from Latino Decisions and pro-reform group Presente.org.

Steve King's Amendment To The Immigration Bill Worsens The GOP's Latino Problem: Huffington Post

June 8, by Griselda Nevarez

House Republicans just don’t get it. That was the message Latinos and immigrant rights advocates sent to the GOP on Thursday when nearly all House Republicans voted to approve an amendment to defund the deferred action program that currently allows undocumented youth to stay and work in the United States.

House vote opens immigration divide: Los Angeles Times

June 7, By Lisa Mascaro and Brian Bennett

The partisan divide over immigration was exposed Thursday as House Republicans voted to stop funding the Obama administration program that has halted deportation of young immigrants who are in high school or college or have served in the military.


Has the GOP Lost Latinos on Immigration? US News & World Report

June 7, by Lauren Fox

Evelyn Rivera, 24, won't be able to cast a ballot in 2016, but she's watching carefully as the debate on immigration reform unfolds on Capitol Hill. Rivera, who is an immigration reform advocate at United We Dream, is one of the 11 million.


Immigration Reform Will Sway Latino Vote, Poll Says: Huffington Post

June 7

Some 45 percent of Hispanic voters say they would be more likely to vote for a Republican who takes a leading role in passing immigration reform with a path to citizenship, the Latino Decisions poll released Thursday found.


GOP is DOA unless it backs immigration reform: SLC Tribune

Jun 7, 2013, by Derek P. Jensen

More than jobs or the economy, immigration is the lens through which Latinos evaluate Republicans, Democrats and the president, a new national poll reveals, while 78 percent say it is very or extremely important for Congress to approve a path to citizenship this year.


Latino Voters Judge Obama, Congress Primarily by Immigration: Politic365

Jun 7, 2013, by Sara Ines Calderon

A Latino Decisions poll found that immigration is the lens through which Latino voters gauge their support for the president, as well as representatives in Congress. This attitude spanned income brackets, national origin, political preference and education level.


Obama Will Pitch Health Coverage to Young Latinos: Real Clear Politics

June 7, by Alexis Simendinger

A recent poll found that only 12 percent of Latino adults nationwide said they were well informed about the law and its provisions. Fifty-two percent said they felt uninformed about Obama’s signature legislative achievement. And 69 percent said the law is confusing and complicated.


On immigration, Congress should learn from late Senator Lautenberg: NBC Latino
June 7, by Stephen Nuno
The polling firm, Latino Decisions, released the results of their recent survey that reaffirmed that Latinos are not only paying close attention to this issue, but Latinos are directly influenced by the immigration debate on how they evaluate the parties.


Immigration Reform, or How the GOP can screw up its 2016: The Atlantic

June 6, by Garance Franke-Ruta

This is how the Republican Party can cancel out any progress against Democrats it is making with the Summer of Scandal and guarantee itself a loss in 2016 and a smaller advantage in 2014 than it might otherwise have had.


Immigration proponents get new data to support reform cause: NBC News
June 6, by Carrie Dann and Alexa Dragoumis

According to a new survey released Thursday by polling group Latino Decisions and pro-reform group America’s Voice, 45 percent of Latino registered voters say they would be more likely to support a Republican candidate in the future if the party takes “a leadership role” in passing a comprehensive reform bill, a stable finding from a similar survey in March.


Attention Congress: Immigration top Latino voter priority among all Latinos: NBC Latino

Jun 6, 2013, by Sandra Liley

Without prompting or getting a choice of answers, more than half of Latino registered voters – 55 percent – say immigration reform should be the top priority for the President and Congress. This is a “very” or “extremely important” priority for almost 8-in-10 Hispanics.


Minorities Stay Positive In the Face of Economic Challenges: ABC News

June 6, by By Cristina Costantini

Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions told the National Journal that the positive outlook may be attributed to the fact that minorities had less to lose during the financial downturn and are likely to think of the prospect of their children's economic success.


GOP Hopes for Fresh Start with Latinos in Massachusetts with Gabriel Gomez: PRI

June 5, by Jason Margolis

The Republican Party had a tough time with Latino voters last fall: President Obama captured some 75 percent of the Hispanic vote. Latinos flocked to the Democratic Party, in part, because of the Republican Party’s tough stance on immigration reform.


Immigration Reform and the Hispanic Vote: Wall Street Journal

Jun 5, 2013, by Karl Rove

As the Senate takes up immigration reform next week, Republicans must consider the impressions they will create by what they say, the changes they propose and their votes on the final product.