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Lies, Damn Lies, and Exit Polls

In the 36 hours since the results of the Presidential election became clear, a number of “analyses” have emerged suggesting that a surprisingly large share of the Latino vote went to Donald Trump, despite his demonization of Latinos, his attacks on Judge Curiel and Alicia Machado, his blanket hostility to immigrants, and more.  The basis […]

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Latino Voter Wall Blocks Trump’s Path to White House

Latino voters are about to play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The latest Latino Decisions polls show that Republican presidential nominee Trump is losing the Latino vote across the country, including in the battleground states of Nevada (where 17.2 percent of the eligible electorate is Latino), Colorado (14.5 […]

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The Trump Effect and the Latino Vote

Will Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric increase Latino voter turnout? Some contend that Latinos will turn out in record numbers as a result of Republican nominee Trump’s attacks against immigrants, creating a so-called ‘Trump effect.” A similar phenomenon was observed in California in the mid-1990s, when an anti-immigrant initiative and governor led to an increase in […]

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Mobilizing Latinos with Identity Appeals: Evidence from Two Voter Turnout Experiments

Past research shows Latinos are more likely to vote and participate in politics when there is a Latino candidate on the ballot and when issues directly affecting the Latino community are at stake in the election, much like in the current election. This research suggests that ethnic solidarity drives participation. At the same time, dozens […]

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Political Diversity in the Latino Electorate

Throughout this presidential election, much has been written about the importance of Latino voters; turnout rates have been projected and political preferences dissected. The tenor of these writings suggest that Latino voters will turn out in record numbers against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the Republican Party. However, it would be presumptuous to conclude […]

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Florida Latinos voting for Hillary Clinton by wide margins

The 2016 presidential election marks a turning in the history of Latino politics in Florida. According to the latest battleground poll by the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) and Latino Decisions, the majority of Florida’s Latino voters are backing the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, by wide margins. In the poll, Latinos were asked […]

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Policy Issues Driving the 2016 Latino Vote

Since the launch five weeks ago of the NALEO Educational Fund/Noticias Telemundo/Latino Decisions tracking poll, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has enjoyed a commanding lead among Latino voters. In the first week she led by 53 points (71 percent for Clinton vs 18 percent favoring Trump). By week three, her lead had grown to 57 […]

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Latino Millennial Voters and Democratic Candidate Support

Much has been made in this election about Hillary Clinton’s struggle to win over millennial voters. Indeed, some have speculated that Hillary Clinton could lose the election because millennials don’t like her and their votes may prove decisive. It’s true that the millennial generation now constitutes a larger share of the population than Baby Boomers […]

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Latino Voters are more partisan and energized in 2016 than in 2012

This week, in collaboration with the National Association of Latino Elected Officials Education Fund and Telemundo Noticias, Latino Decisions launched its 2016 weekly tracking poll of the Latino electorate. We conducted a similar tracking poll during the 2012 presidential election and included many of the same questions again this year. Because this is the first […]

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#TBT LD Edition: Voters, Candidates, and Enthusiasm

Back in August of 2012, impreMedia and Latino Decisions released our first round of results as part of an eleven week tracking poll series. Today we are taking a look back at those results to see how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump compare to their political counterparts at this time four years ago. Recent polling […]

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