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The 2014 House Elections and Comprehensive Immigration Reform Revisited

From the perspective of most Latino voters, the actions of the House Republicans have made a bad situation worse. House Republicans will bear the blunt of the blame if comprehensive immigration reform does not pass. Their dithering also creates an opportunity for President Obama to take administrative action and in so doing, allow the Democrats […]

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Immigration Legislation or Executive Action Will Shape Latino Vote

Last summer, in the wake of the US Senate’s passage of S. 744, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” Latino Decisions, in concert with America’s Voice, identified three tiers of Democratically and Republican held competitive House districts where Latino voters are sufficiently concentrated to be influential in 2014. Our analysis suggests that […]

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Latino Decisions Announces New Data Targeting Products

Just in time for the 2014 midterms, Latino Decisions proudly announces new Latino targeting products and databases designed to help political parties, candidates, campaigns and their consultants identify and target Latino voters. Produced in conjunction with our strategic partner Labels & Lists, Latino Decisions has created proprietary models that generate turnout, partisan identification and partisan […]

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Are Transnational Ties Good for Immigrants and America?

A contemporary feature of global migration is the ability for immigrants to maintain transnational ties with their countries of origin while residing in the United States. These ties can vary in kind and strength and range from feelings of nostalgia to actively participating politically, socially, and/or economically abroad. The rise of transnational ties and dual […]

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Latino Support for Environmental Protection and Climate Change Action

Latinos care about immigration politics, of course. As an aspirational community, they also care about jobs and schools. But what may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with the attitudes of American Latinos is how deeply concerned they are about protecting the environment. In conjunction with the National Resources Defense Council, Latino Decisions came […]

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Is the GOP backpedaling on the “GOP”?

A year ago this month, the Republican National Committee released its post-2012 election political autopsy report: the “Growth & Opportunity Project.” The “GOP”—a quite clever acronym, indeed—was the national party’s response to critics, both internal and external, about what ailed the party and what it could do to cure itself. The Republicans had cause to […]

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Latino Decisions expands, announces three key team members

Latino Decisions, the leader in Latino public opinion research, today announced a promotion and two new additions to their team. Sylvia Manzano has been promoted to Principal, David R. Ayón has been appointed Senior Strategist and Advisor, and Thomas F. Schaller has joined as Political Director. “We could not be more pleased to bring together this talented group as we continue […]

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Latinos Want Strong Presidential Action to Combat Climate Change

[Originally posted at National Resources Defense Council] WASHINGTON (January 23, 2014) – An overwhelming majority of Latinos in the United States want strong presidential action to curb the threat of climate change, according to new poll conducted for the Natural Resources Defense Council by Latino Decisions. FULL TOPLINE REPORT HERE RESEARCH FINDINGS BRIEF HERE “Here’s […]

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Narrow Margin in Virginia Signals Asian and Latino Influence, Virginia DREAM Act and GOP Fate Hang in the Balance

Latino Decisions election eve polling shows 66% of Hispanics and 63% of Asian Americans voted for Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe. More specifically, an estimated 95,500 Hispanic and 51,000 Asian-Americans voted in the Virginia election, meaning that Asian and Hispanic voters provided a combined 95,160 votes for McAuliffe, contributing heavily to his slim 56,494 victory margin. As […]

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Polling Election Results Show Anti-Immigrant Candidates Face Long Odds Given Demographic Realities

Virginia and New Jersey Offer Clear Lesson for National GOP in 2014 and Beyond on Immigration Press Release originally posted at America’s Voice Washington, DC – An election-eve poll of extremely likely Latino and Asian voters in Virginia, conducted by Latino Decisions and sponsored by America’s Voice and People For the American Way (PFAW), shows […]

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