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About Us

Providing accurate, independent data to facilitate critical decisions

Latino Decisions is the leader in Latino political opinion research. Founded by professors of political science, Dr. Gary M. Segura and Dr. Matt Barreto, our firm leverages a unique combination of analytical expertise and cultural competencies that are unparalleled in the industry. Our team is comprised exclusively of credentialed research scientists with established publication records, rigorous methodological training, and experience with large-scale collaborative research projects. We employ our professional insights and specialized technical skills to produce the most accurate information about Latino political attitudes, experiences and engagement.

Our consistently reliable polls, predictions, and analysis of the Latino electorate are regularly cited by respected outlets including: Univision, the New York Times, ABC News, National Public Radio, impreMedia, NBC News, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and many, many others. Election Day and beyond, we work with a diverse client base of leading companies, research institutions, public policy, and advocacy organizations interested in a wide range of issues pertinent to the increasingly influential Latino community.

Clients and the greater public can trust Latino Decisions for sharp, independent, and clear analysis of Latino public opinion. Contact us to find out how Latino Decisions can help your organization with the richest and most accurate insight available.

  • Dr. Matt A. Barreto, email, or phone: 909.489.2955
  • Dr. Gary M. Segura, email, or phone: 206.280.5069
  • Dr. Gabriel R. Sanchez, email, or phone: 505.277.3337
  • Latino Decisions office, email, or phone: 425.336.7000