Early results in the 2014 Latino vote now posted for key states

So far, Latino Decisions has posted results from Illinois, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina: full results here www.latinovote2014.com
Across all four states, Latinos gave significant advantages to Democratic candidates for governor and senator in all states but Florida.  Senator Durbin will cruise to easy election.  But results for Senate candidates Hagan in North Carolina and Nunn in Georgia could hinge on whether the Latino vote could have tipped the balance.  And gubernatorial candidates Charlie Crist in Florida, and Jason Carter in Georgia, are in closely fought races.
While Carter, Hagan, and Nunn have commanding support from Latinos, Crist faces a less Democratic Latino electorate and leads incumbent Rick Scott by only 7 percentage points, 52-45.  Scott split the Latino vote evenly with Alex Sink four years ago.  For Crist to displace Scott, he needs enthusiastic support among non-Cuban Latinos if he hopes to prevail.
News in Georgia is somewhat encouraging for Carter and Nunn. Early takes from the exit polls suggest that non-white voters may well comprise more than 36% of the turned-out electorate, the highest amount ever.  Latino Decisions complained publicly about pre-election polling in Georgia that completely missed an accurate take of the rapidly growing Latino vote in that state.  While English-only robopolls claimed the Republicans were winning the Latino vote, our bilingual live-caller telephone poll of 400 Georgia Latinos showed Carter and Nunn with very big leads among Latinos.
Lots more to come.  Keep checking on this page: www.latinovote2014.com


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