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impreMedia-Latino Decisions election eve poll now posted for 5 states – show very large vote for Obama

impreMedia and Latino Decisions have now released polling data of Latino voters in 5 eastern states with influential Latino voting populations: Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Massachusetts.  Full results for these states can be found under Recent Polls here: and further detail can be found at

So far, early exit poll data on Latinos reported by the National Exit Poll appears to be very flawed.  For example, in Ohio the NEP data among Latinos reports 56% vote for Obama.  In contrast the impreMedia-Latino Decisions poll shows 82% for Obama. Likewise, the NEP Latino data in Virginia shows 53% for Obama while the IM-LD poll shows 66% Latino vote for Obama in VA.

Last week we wrote a detailed blog about how the National Exit Poll data is historically very flawed among Latinos, and this appears to be the case again with early exit poll data being reported.

Additional states will be released as the polls close including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and California.



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