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Economy and immigration are top issues to Latino voters in 2012

The ImpreMedia-Latino Decisions Election Eve Poll of 5,600 Latino voters has indicated that the Economy/Jobs and Immigration were the most important issues to Latino voters in 2012. As indicated in the figure below, 53% of Latino voters nationally who were surveyed  during the final days of the campaign indicate that the Economy and Jobs was the most important issue facing the Latino community, with 35% of Latino voters indicating that Immigration was the most important issue. This is reflective of what we have found in our polls throughout the entire campaign season, as the economy and immigration have consistently been identified as the dominant issues among Latino voters. Education (20%) and healthcare (14%) were also identified by a large number of Latino voters. Click here if you would like to see how policy importance varies by key demographic factors, such as gender, national origin, and partisanship.

The most important issue content of the national survey is the first of several posts that will provide exclusive insights into the 2012 Latino electorate including Presidential and Congressional vote choice and party evaluations. Latino Decisions will announce and post updates via Twitter, this blog, our 2012 Election Eve Poll page, as well as a new webpage we have created specifically for our election eve survey results.

All state and national survey results will be available after 8pm Pacific.

ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions Election Eve Poll Methodology


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