Latino voter opinions on health care

In light of the June 28, 2012 Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, Latino Decisions has compiled data points on Latino voter attitudes towards the health care bill, and health care reform in America.  We have spent considerable time researching this topic, including two recent polls solely dedicated to health care reform opinions.  Below are a series of health care questions and Latino registered voter responses.

There is currently a debate in the Congress about whether we should repeal, or keep in place the health care reform bill of 2010. What do you think? Should the entire health care reform bill of 2010 should be repealed, or should it be left to stand as law

Repeal health care reform: 28%
Should be left to stand: 57%
Don’t know: 15%

Source: January 2012 Latino Decisions/Univision News national poll of Latino registered voters, +/- 4.4%

When it comes to access to health care, do you think the it is the role of the government to ensure that everyone has access to health care, or that people should be responsible for getting their own health insurance?

Government should ensure: 60%
People should get their own: 25%
Something else: 10%
Don’t know: 5%

Based on what you know about the political parties, do you think the Democratic or Republican Party is closer to your position on access to health care?

Democratic Party: 59%
Republican Party: 18%
Neither of them: 7%
Don’t know: 16%

Source: November 2011 Latino Decisions/Univision News national poll of Latino registered voters, +/- 3.1%

Thinking more specifically about this law. Under the new health reform plan, do you think your ability to get and keep health insurance will get better, worse or will it stay about the same?

Better: 29%
Worse: 22%
Stay about the same: 43%
Don’t know: 6%

As you may know, that legislation included a provision that will require all Americans who do not have health insurance to purchase health insurance, or pay a fine.  Do you favor or oppose this provision?

Favor: 32%
Oppose: 59%
Don’t know: 8%

In the past year has the total amount you pay for your family’s health care, including cost of insurance and any expenses not covered by insurance, gone up, gone down, or stayed about the same?

Gone up: 56%
Gone down: 4%
Stayed about the same: 35%

In order to reduce the national debt, would you support, or oppose reducing federal spending on Medicare, which is the government health insurance program for the elderly?

Support: 22%
Oppose: 73%
Don’t know: 5%

Thinking about the current state of health care in the U.S., who do you trust to make the right decisions when it comes to health care policy, President Obama and the Democrats, or the Republicans?

Obama/Democrats: 61%
Republicans: 14%
Neither: 14%
Don’t know: 8%

Alright, thinking again about the current health care debate in Washington, D.C., how much do you think public officials take into account the health care needs of the (Hispanic/Latino) community when considering reforms?

Very much: 8%
Somewhat: 25%
Not too much: 33%
Not at all: 25%

Next, I’m going to read you several elements of the health reform bill that was signed into law. For each, please tell me if you think lawmakers should keep it or repeal the aspect of the law.

How about the law that provides tax credits to small businesses that offer coverage to their employees. Do you think lawmakers should keep it or repeal this aspect of the health reform bill?

Keep as law: 85%
Should repeal: 10%
Don’t know: 5%

How about: The law that gradually closes the Medicare prescription drug ‘doughnut hole’ or coverage gap so seniors will no longer be required to pay the full cost of their medications when they reach the gap.

Keep as law: 75%
Should repeal: 18%
Don’t know: 7%

How about: The law that will prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage because of a person’s medical history or health condition.

Keep as law: 63%
Should repeal: 33%
Don’t know: 4%

How about: The law that will provide financial help to low and moderate income Americans who don’t get insurance through their jobs to help them purchase coverage.

Keep as law: 80%
Should repeal: 14%
Don’t know: 5%

Many people have lost access to health coverage during the economic recession. What about you, over the past two years have you lost access to health insurance – even if only temporarily?

Yes, have lost access: 25%
No, maintained access: 70%
Don’t know: 5%

Thinking about your current health insurance status, do you currently have health insurance coverage?

No, do NOT have insurance: 17%
Yes, through employer: 44%
Yes, privately purchased: 8%
Yes, through public/govt program: 21%
Yes, through something else: 5%

Source: October 2011 Latino Decisions/impreMedia national tracking poll of Latino registered voters, +/- 4.0%