Latino Decisions/Univision/ABC releases new poll on voters in Florida, and nationally

In partnership with Univision News and ABC News, Latino Decisions has released two new polls of the Latino electorate and the 2012 presidential contest. The polls interviewed 500 Latino registered voters nationally, and a second poll of 500 Latino registered voters in the state of Florida. Full results are posted here.

Latino Decisions asked vote choice among likely Republican primary voters, favorability ratings for all candidates as well as President Obama, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez and more, and general election match-ups between Obama-Romney; and Obama-Gingrich. Other topics covered issues such as the economy, immigration, health care, and perceptions of party outreach to Hispanics.

Additional results can be found on the Univision News website here

Tomorrow, Latino Decisions analysts will be posting more detailed and in-depth review and commentary on the poll results, and implications for 2012.


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