La reforma migratoria en espera en la Cámara de representantes del ‘casi se pudo': Univision

September 30 by Maribel Hastings

El zafarrancho presupuestario en víspera de año electoral reafirma lo ya sabido sobre el Congreso: la politiquería electorera define cada movimiento para apelar a las bases y dar la percepción de que se está haciendo algo cuando en realidad no se está haciendo nada. Los legisladores que no legislan.


Obamacare faces another delay: En español: Marketplace

September 26 by Dan Gorenstein

Matt Barreto, who heads up the polling firm Latino Decisions,  says after all the attention the administration has paid to getting Latinos to sign up for Obamacare, delaying the Spanish language exchanges doesn’t look good. “For a Spanish-dominated Latino household to then go to the federal government website and not be able to find that information, just symbolically makes you wonder how important is our community here,” he said.


Hispanos culparan a ambos partidos si fracasa la reforma: La Opinion

September 25 by Antonieta Cadiz

Si la reforma migratoria fracasa en el Congreso los hispanos culparán a ambos partidos. Expertos en opinión pública latina insisten en que una propuesta migratoria liderada por los demócratas podría tener un efecto político, pero enfatizan en que no los librará de toda la responsabilidad.


Fight over ACA anything but over in Florida: Miami Herald

September 24 by Marc Caputo

Florida isn’t just a battleground state for presidential elections; it’s ground zero in the nation’s Obamacare wars. It’s all about demographics. And geography.


Hispanos piden control de armas: La Opinion

September 24 by Antonieta Cadiz

Una encuesta realizada este año por la firma Latino Decisions mostró que un 84% de los latinos apoyan un chequeo de antecedentes antes de comprar un arma. Un 54% de ellos también respaldó la prohibición a ventas de armas semiautomáticas y sólo un 39% favoreció la idea de que educadores pudieran tener armas en las escuelas.


Latino enrollment key to ACA success: Imperial Valley Press

September 21 by Julio Morales

Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act begins Oct. 1 and public health officials are gearing up to launch education and enrollment efforts. Because of their large population numbers, relatively younger ages and rates of being uninsured, Latinos are some of the new law’s more sought-after constituents.


For Latinos to enroll in ACA,confianza is key: Los Angeles Daily Times

September 21 by Susan Abram

A poll completed in May by Latino Decisions, which conducts opinion research, found that of 800 Latinos surveyed nationwide, 35 percent said they were somewhat informed about the Affordable Care Act, while 31 percent said they were not that informed.


You have the power to change things: The Hill

September 21 by José Aponte-Hernández

Puerto Ricans living in the states have, for the first time, a real opportunity to influence the results of the 2016 presidential election. I invite the almost 5 million American Citizens of Puerto Rican descent, roughly 1.5 percent of the entire population of the United States, residing in the mainland to engage their congressmen and claim for those living on the Island the same rights and benefits they now enjoy.


Republican effort to woo Latinos misses the mark: Latino Times

September 19

Notice there’s zero mention of immigration reform? Offering lip service to Latinos for their contributions to America, then refusing to address one of this fast-growing voting bloc’s chief issues makes House Republicans look out of touch.


Some Latino stereotypes persist: Yakima Herald Republic

September 14 by Mike Faulk

A newly released statewide survey shows a majority of Washingtonians have generally positive views on the state’s growing Latino population, but some stereotypes linger.

The plight of Latinos: making immigration reform a reality: VOXXI

September  14 by Griselda Nevarez

As the country celebrates 2013 Hispanic Heritahe Month, a recent Latino Decisions poll shows that immigration reform has indeed become the most important issue for many Latinos.


What role with Latinos play in Virginia election: WAMU

September 13 by Jacob Fenston

The Latino population is booming in Virginia — it's doubled in the past decade or so — and it's growing especially quickly in the D.C. suburbs. This change is part of what has turned Virginia purple on electoral maps. In the Commonwealth, and nationwide, 70 percent of Latinos voted Democrat last year.


Latino legislators on Obama Syria speech,"U.S. doesn't do pinpricks": NBC Latino

September 10 by Sandra Lilley

President Obama spoke to the nation on Tuesday night and said the U.S. is using diplomatic channels to force Syria to cede control of its chemical weapons, but warned that the U.S. “doesn’t do pinpricks” and said the military would be in place if necessary.

GOP leadership threatens the party's future by blocking immigration reform: The Hill

September 4 by Fernando Espuelas

The lesson of never underestimating your audience's intelligence is one that politicians routinely forget. As the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate in an overwhelming bipartisan vote reached the House of Representatives, the opponents of immigration reform have tried to disguise their plan to kill the bill by taking up a series of narrow, piece-meal bills that supposedly seek progress, but are in fact thinly disguised efforts to slash and burn real reform.


La inmigración en Estados Unidos avanza hacia una dura prueba: Prensa Latina

September 2 by Luis Beaton

A pocos días de que el Congreso estadounidense reinicie sus labores tras el receso del verano, el 9 de septiembre, una solución del problema migratorio se mantiene como rehén de las discrepancias entre republicanos y demócratas.