Latino donors set sights on GOP lawmakers opposing CIR: Washington Post

October 28 by Matea Gold

A network of Latino donors that played a pivotal role in raising money for President Obama’s reelection is now focused on a new campaign: an effort to oust lawmakers who stand in the way of overhauling immigration laws.


House Democrats gain CA Republican as co-sponsor on immigration bill: NBCLatino

October 27 by Sandra Lilley

University of Washington and Latino Decisions political scientist Matt Barreto recently pointed out that analyses show California essentially turned blue after voters, especially Latino voters, dropped Republican support following the anti-immigration measure Prop 187.


More Latinos likely to vote GOP if CIR passes: Fusion

October 25

What role the Republican Party plays in comprehensive immigration reform will have an important impact on whether or not Latinos, a key political demographic, will consider voting Republican in the future, a new poll finds.


Is immigration reform the GOP's breaking point?: The Republic

October 23 by Timm Herdt

The polling firm Latino Decisions released a report last week on what it called "the Proposition 187 effect." It documents how the anti-immigrant ballot initiative in 1994 became the turning point at which California shifted from being politically competitive to becoming one of the most solidly Democratic states in America.


Diversidad étnica impulsará la economía en EEUU: La Opinion

October 22 by Maria Pena

La encuesta “Latino Decisions” reveló, sin embargo, que la mayoría de los estadounidenses no tienen una idea clara de las estadísticas poblacionales ni de su propia diversidad.


Poll shows Americans embracing diversity: Rockefeller Foundation

October 22

New public opinion research conducted by the Center for American Progress and PolicyLink, and funded by The Rockefeller Foundation found that Americans are much more open to diversity and supportive of steps to reduce inequalities between racial and ethnic groups than is commonly portrayed in politics and the media. The Latino Decisions study included close to 3000 Americans, who shared their opinions on diversity, inequality, the role of government, and opportunity in America.


What's at stake for GOP if immigration reform fails? VOXXI

October 18 by Griselda Nevarez

An overwhelming majority of Latinos say they will blame the Republican Party if an immigration reform bill does not pass in Congress this year, according to a new report by the polling firm Latino Decisions.


Defraudar a votantes latinos influirá en las elecciones: La Opinion

October 18 by Antonienta Cadiz

El rumbo del voto hispano y la mejor estrategia electoral para lograr resultados que beneficien a los latinos, son dos grandes interrogantes con miras a las elecciones legislativas de 2014 y 2016.

Y es que los números no mienten. Si en los comicios de 2012 el voto hispano se hubiera dividido en partes iguales, en lugar de un 75% demócrata, ahora habría una Casa Blanca republicana.


Prop 187 still hurts GOP among Latinos: Sacramento Bee

October 18 by Christopher Cadelago

A new report from Latino Decisions, a firm that analyzes demographics and voting trends, argues California could have remained a presidential battleground state – with Democrats and Republicans vying for more congressional and legislative seats here – were it not for Proposition 187 and later measures that frustrated and ultimately mobilized Latino voters.


Report: GOP has much to overcome to win Latino vote: UPI

October 18

Republicans may have no chance of winning the Latino vote if they stall immigration reform in Congress, a firm specializing in Latino political opinion said. Latino Decisions, based in Seattle, issued a report Thursday titled "The Prop 187 Effect," in which it compares a possible House block on comprehensive immigration reform to California's Proposition 187 in 1994, U-T San Diego reported.


The Prop 187 effect: as the GOP has gone in California, might it go elsewhere: SCPR

October 17 by Leslie Berenstein Rojas

The long-term effect of 1994's Proposition 187 on California politics is by now the stuff of history. The measure aimed to block immigrants without legal status from state benefits, and state Republican leaders supported it heartily — ultimately to their detriment.


Ted Cruz is finished: National Journal

October 17 by Beth Reinhard

"He took on a piece of legislation that's more popular among Hispanics than the general population, so his biography is not going to help much," said Gary Segura, a principal of the Latino Decisions polling firm and a Stanford University professor of American politics.


Analysis warns of peril to Republicans among Latino voters: Los Angeles Times

October 17 by Mark Barabak

"Everybody’s been talking after the 2012 election about demographic changes, demographic changes. Those were happening in California 20 years ago," Matt Barreto, a University of Washington political scientist and collaborator on the study, said in an interview. "So we’ve seen this movie before."


GOP has much on the line with Latino voters, survey says: San Diego Union Tribune

October 17 by Elizabeth Aguilera

Latino voters are overwhelmingly expected to blame the GOP if immigration reform stalls in Congress, according to a new polling report from Latino Decisions.


Latino Decisions Prop187 Report: Los Angeles Times

October 16

Latino Decisions has released a report on the effect of Prop 187, a 1994 initiative to screen individuals based on citizenship. The law, eventually ruled unconstitutional, has had lasting effects on the state GOP.


Senador Ted Cruz lidera batalla contra el “Obamacare" La Opinion

October 10 by Pilar Marrero

Rafael Edward Cruz, mejor conocido como "Ted Cruz", se paró en el pleno del Senado federal el pasado 24 de septiembre y habló durante 21 horas seguidas, dando el cuarto discurso más largo de la historia de esa cámara legislativa y consolidándose como el más llamativo y controversial senador federal joven del momento en EEUU.


Latino independent key swing voter group: Tucson Citizen

October 9

Latino Decisions has identified 44 GOP-held House seats in which Latino voters could influence the outcome of elections in 2014 and beyond. This includes districts where the Latino voting-age population exceeds the 2012 margin of victory or swing districts won in 2012 by President Obama and the House Republican candidate that also have notable Latino populations.


Demócratas niegan culpa por atrasos en reforma migratoria: La Opinion

October 4 by Pilar Marrero

Matt Barreto, director de la encuestadora Latino Decisions indicó que aunque todos los análisis realizados en meses recientes indican que los votantes latinos responsabilizarán principalmente a los republicanos si no hay reforma migratoria de nuevo este año, y los demócratas tampoco quedarán libres de toda culpa.


House immigration bill minus the surge: Politico

October 2 by Seung Min Kim

Gary Segura, a co-founder and principal for the polling firm Latino Decisions, said House Democrats faced a strategic problem because Republicans could deliver “lip service” to their constituents without having to take decisive action. Releasing a bill could force Republicans to do precisely that.


Latinos are definitely ready for Hillary: Fox News Latino

October 1 by Pablo Manriquez

This summer, a poll by Latino Decisions showed that while Senator Marco Rubio leads potential Republican presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton wallops Rubio (66 percent to 28 percent) among Latino voters.