Over half of Latinos don't know key aspects of new health care law: NBC Latino

May 21, 2013, by Sandra Liley

About one in three Latinos is uninsured, and Hispanic families are among the groups that can most benefit from the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of health care coverage. Yet more than half  — 54 percent — of Latinos in Colorado could not name one specific aspect of the law, such as the fact that parents can insure their children until the age of 26 (only 18 percent knew), or that insurance companies cannot discriminate due to a pre-existing condition (only 14 percent knew).


Analysis: Can the House torpedo immigration reform?: NBC Latino

May 22, 2013, by Adrian Carrasquillo

Tuesday evening the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the sweeping immigration reform bill, setting it up for an eventual vote from the full Senate. But with a Democratic majority in the Senate, many are looking to the next minefield for the legislation: The House floor.


5 things to know about where immigration reform is right now: NBC Latino

May 23, 2013, by Adrian Carrasquillo

When the Senate Judiciary Committee sent the sweeping immigration bill on to an eventual floor vote, many eyes turned towards the House and the prospects that it may play a role in torpedoing immigration reform.


Can Senate candidate Gomez help GOP repair image among Latinos?: Christian Science Monitor

May 24, 2013, by Ryan Lenora Brown

Massachusetts' Gabriel Gomez says he wants to make the Senate’s 'Gang of Eight,' which has been working on immigration reform, a 'gang of nine.' Many Latinos were turned off by Republicans' anti-immigrant rhetoric in the 2012 elections.


Leaders: Gabriel Gomez doesn't have lock on Latino vote: Boston Herald

May 26, 2013, by Hillary Chabot

Several Bay State Latino voters haven’t warmed to Republican Gabriel Gomez, despite his extensive outreach to the community and the chance to make history and elect the first Latino representing Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate, several Latino leaders told the Truth Squad.


Mainstream Media Should Interview Hispanics When Talking About Latino Politics: Huffington Post

Huffington Post-May 28, 2013

Latinos are a hot demographic these days. Political strategists are fighting to win the growing Hispanic electorate and corporations across the country want a piece of the Latino market and its estimated value of $1 trillion.


Will Immigration Decision Fuel Latino Turnout? - NationalJournal

May 29, 2013, by Naureen Khan

The Supreme Court may have given President Obama a double victory when it handed down its ruling regarding Arizona’s controversial immigration law. The Court on Monday not only affirmed the federal government’s right to set immigration policy in striking down three of the four provisions in SB 1070; in upholding the most controversial “show me your papers” component—which requires police to check the legal status of anyone they stop or arrest if they suspect they are here illegally--the high court may also have given a historically reluctant Hispanic electorate a real reason to turn out for the president.


Survey: Colorado Hispanics Uninformed About Obamacare: Hispanic Business

May 30, 2013

A new poll concludes that Colorado Hispanics are largely uninformed about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, and the area of the law Hispanics are most likely to cite is the section dealing with fines for persons who opt not to buy insurance.


For promoters and foes, immigration bill's larger impact may be felt: NBC News

May 31, 2013, by Carrie Dann

If you ask around Washington D.C., the Republican Party could have a no-brainer opportunity to claw its way back toward a triumphant and diverse majority -- or it could be on the verge of legislating itself out of existence.


Latinos are leaving their Republican identity behind: NBC Latino

May 16, by Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

It’s no secret that the Republican Party has a serious problem with immigration. But in this instance I’m talking about their problem with Latinos migrating out of their own party. Republicanos are trading in the elephant for the donkey, or at the very least going without a party vehicle.


Phony Democratic outrage over votes to repeal Obamacare: Bloomberg Businessweek

May 16, by Joshua Green

Today, the House of Representatives will vote on repealing Obamacare. Sound familiar? It should. According to the office of House Whip Kevin McCarthy, this will be the 38th time the Republican-led House has voted to defund or repeal all or part of the law.


Gomez Faces Hard Task of Winning Over Latino Voters: NPR

May 15, 2013, by Fred Thys

Republican Gabriel Gomez is the first Latino candidate of either party to run for a U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts. When he won the Republican primary last month, he began his victory speech with brief remarks in Spanish.


Blacks and Hispanics more optimistic about economy than whites: National Journal

May 12, by Stephanie Czekalinski

Despite significant wealth and income gaps, and higher than average unemployment rates, Hispanics and African-Americans are more optimistic about their economic prospects and the direction of the country than whites, recent polls show.


As Hispanic Vote Lags, Millions of Votes Left on the Table: National Journal

May 10, by Reid Wilson

The electorate that turned out in November to give President Obama a second term is nearly as diverse as the U.S. population at large, according to new data released by the Census Bureau this week. But the nation's fastest-growing minority group isn't experiencing the kind of explosive growth of political power that other ethnic groups have felt.


Top jobs for undocumented workers: for men, construction; for women: Houston Chronicle

May 10, by Richard Dunham

A study released today by the Latino Decisions polling firm finds that gender plays a key role in the jobs taken by undocumented immigrants. Nearly half of the women working in the U.S. without proper legal documents are in housekeeping or child-care jobs.


Census: More than a million more Latinos voted in 2012 than 2008

May 8, 2013, by Sandra Lilley

“There is no reversing this trend — Hispanics are a growing population, and this growth translates into more voters,” says political scientist Sylvia Manzano, a senior research analyst for Latino Decisions, commenting on the Census results.


Texas Border Hispanics Take Personal Offense to Education Cuts: BOR

May 8, by Joe Deshotel

Texas Republicans may have reduced their ethnically tinged rhetoric and overtly anti-Hispanic legislation this session, but a new poll shows that border Hispanics are taking equal offense to cuts in Public Education.


Republicans need to pass – not just support – immigration reform : NBC Latino
May 5, by Sandra Lilley
Even with more and more prominent Republicans actively supporting immigration reform, the party risks turning off even more Latino voters than in 2012 if conservative Republicans block immigration legislation this year, finds a new Latino Decisions/impreMedia poll.


For Latinos in Texas, schools at the heart of the community: NBC Latino

May 5, by Yesica Lopez

For Latinos in Texas, education is very personal.  Hispanic parents have high aspirations for their children’s education; over 90 percent of parents want their children to graduate college and over 60 percent of parents want their children to further their education and pursue a graduate or professional degree, says a new Latino Decisions/Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) survey.


El futuro del Partido Republicano, pendiente de la reforma migratoria: El País

May 5, by Christina Pereda

La presentación de enmiendas a la propuesta de ley para reformar el sistema de inmigración, un proceso que comienza esta misma semana, servirá al Partido Republicano para demostrar su apoyo -y rechazo- a los aspectos más importantes de la legislación.


Latino small business owners grapple with  impact of Obamacare: Fox New Latino

May 2, by Bryan Llenas

A poll by Latino Decisions, released at the Latino Coalition Summit Wednesday, shows that 52 percent of Latinos are not informed about Obamacare and 71 percent could not name any policies that are part of the new law — though 89 percent said they want to learn more.


Latinos Not Prepared for Looming Changes in the US Health Care System: Wall Street Journal

May 1, ImpreMedia Press Release
impreMedia and Latino Decisions in conjunction with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Health Policy Center, today released key findings of a national Latino poll indicating that less than a quarter of Latinos feel well informed about the Affordable Health Care Act.


Ted Cruz 2016 could be a problem for Rubio: NBC Latino

May 1, Adrian Carrasquillo

The 2014 midterm elections are just barely on the horizon but the wheels of 2016 are always turning for pundits and would-be contenders. Recent reports in Politico and National Review say that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is mulling a 2016 presidential run, a decision that would shake up the race considerably. But his deeply conservative ideological bent would be both a boon for him and a problem.