A note to conservatives: engage Latinos: Fox News Latino

July 29 by Clara del Villar

Conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly recently said she opposed immigration reform by claiming "Latinos do not understand the Bill of Rights and have too many children out of wedlock.” In addition to being inaccurate, such comments only cement a negative image of Republicans among Latinos. We can debate ways to fix a broken immigration policy without igniting antagonism against Latinos.


Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval thrive where the party struggles: Politico

July 29 by Emily Schultheis

Of all the obstacles standing between the Republican Party and the White House, preventing heavily Latino, trending-blue Western states from settling comfortably into the Democratic column is high on the list.


Politics of immigration could determine 2014 election: NBC News

July 25 by Mackenzie Warren

The politics of immigration are rearing their election-deciding head in the form of a new national poll asking Las Vegas Latinos, Democrat or Republican about their stance on immigration reform. The poll suggests that how congress votes on immigration will shape how Las Vegas Latinos vote in the future, and could even decide whether Republican Congressman Joe Heck keeps his seat in 2014.


Heading home to talk about fighting Washington: Washington Monthly

July 25 by Ed Kilgore

At Latino Decisions, David Damore takes a closer look at the House GOP messaging “kit,” and notices the implicit message it seems to be sending on immigration reform: Notably absent from the “Planning Kit” is any discussion of immigration reform beyond a suggested messaging theme of “Reforming Immigration and Border Security.”


House Republicans not so safe in 2014: Reno Dispatch

July 25 by Jamie Reno

Beltway conventional wisdom, if there is such a thing, says that while the Latino vote is a concern for presidential elections, most Republican House members enjoy gerrymandered districts and have nothing to worry about. But a new nationwide poll of 800 Latino voters in 24 Republican-held battleground districts tells a more cautionary tale for the GOP.

Latino voters in battleground districts unhappy with GOP on immigration: Houston Chronicle

July 24 by Nicole Narea and Sarah Ferris

Republicans in 24 Hispanic districts will likely lose voters if the party does not rethink its approach to immigration reform, according to poll released Wednesday by immigrant rights advocacy groups Latino Decisions and America’s Voice.


Latino voters oppose reform without pathway to citizenship: Huffington Post

July 24 by Elise Foley

Latino voters disapprove of potential House GOP plans to address immigration issues without creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, according to a Latino Decisions poll released Wednesday.


Why GOP leaders must keep Steve King in check: US News

July 24 by Lauren Fox

As Republican leadership begins grappling with how to reform the country's immigration system and win back Latino voters, the party's top players are sending a strong message to their rank-and-file members, ordering them to watch what they say.


Latinos willing to swing vote to GOP:  Fox News Reno

July 24

Today, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice released the results of a new poll of Latino voters in 24 Republican-held battleground districts, including Nevada. The poll probed how immigration reform and the two parties’ handling of it in the House could impact key 2014 races.

Top Republicans condemn King speech: NBCLatino

July 24 by Jacquellena Carrero

Top Republicans are not pleased with Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King. House Speaker John Boehner and Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor denounced controversial remarks from King on young undocumented immigrants in which he compared Dreamers  to drug mules. Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement late Tuesday afternoon that the comments from King were “hateful.”


DREAMers arrested at U.S. - Mexico border : KNPR (Las Vegas)

July 24 by Michael Marizco

Nine Mexican activists who tried to cross the border into Arizona without papers Monday are in United States custody. The group is trying to test American immigration laws.


Anti-immigrant rhetoric hurts Republicans in battleground states

July 24 by Jacquellena Carrero

Politicians like Steve King are certainly not what the Republican Party needs as it tries to make inroads with Latino voters. According to the results of a new Latino Decisions/America’s Voice poll, ugly rhetoric like King’s comparison of DREAMers to drug mules hurts Republicans in battleground districts.


Search for Immigration overhaul tough even in California San Francisco Chronicle

July 23 by Joe Garofoli

David Valadao has been a congressman only since January, but the 36-year-old Republican is already in a tough spot over immigration reform. More than half of the voters in his Central Valley district are Latino, and the work of immigrants - from scientists to farmworkers - touches every level of the agriculture industry that dominates the region.


The Sisyphian Task of Making GOP Latino-Friendly: Washington Monthly

July 23 by Ed Kilgore

A recent survey from Latino Decisions tested a number of abrasive Republican comments about Latinos and immigration reform by House Republicans—two, as it happens, were from Steve King—and found that two-thirds of Latino respondents figured that “many” (as opposed to “only a few”)  Republicans in Congress felt that way.


Steve King's twisted immigration math: Washington Post

July 23

GOP Rep. Steve King, flaunting his immigration policy chops: According to Rep. Steve King’s math, legalizing undocumented immigrants is untenable because for every valedictorian DREAMer — immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — there are 100 more who are carrying drugs across the border.


California businesses pushing GOP lawmakers to back immigration overhaul: Sacramento Bee

July 21 by Curtis Tate

As a comprehensive immigration overhaul appears stuck, for the moment, in the House of Representatives, an influential coalition is betting that members of Congress from California can break the logjam.

Republicans can learn from their Latino governors: The Economist

July 20

“I DON’T know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican,” said Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, in 2010. Three months later, Brian Sandoval, a Republican, defeated Mr Reid’s son to become the first Hispanic governor of Nevada. Voters in New Mexico that day made Susana Martinez, another Republican, America’s first Latina governor. And over in Florida Marco Rubio, a charismatic young Cuban-American, won a Senate seat after an insurgent, tea party-backed campaign.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie launches "Hispanics for Christie" Coalition: Fox News Latino

July 19 by Elizabeth Llorente

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may have a comfortable lead over his Democratic challenger for next year’s election, but he’s not leaving one of the state’s fastest growing voting blocs to chance.


Obama takes case for immigration reform to Spanish language TV

July 17 by Dave Boyer

President Obama on Tuesday intensified his summer campaign to pressure House Republicans to approve immigration reform, conducting interviews with several Spanish-language television anchors while his spokesman boasted that the Senate wouldn’t have passed a bill without the president’s leadership.


In Colorado, first-term Latina state Senator faces recall over gun control support: NBCLatino

July 16 by Adriana Maestas

Angela Giron is a freshman legislator from Colorado’s 3rd Senate District, which includes the city of Pueblo. In March, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed gun control legislation that required background checks for private gun sales and banned high capacity magazines. 


Democrats see gains with women voters: Bloomberg News

July 15 by By David Mildenberg and John McCormick

A vote by Texas lawmakers to create some of the nation’s strongest abortion restrictions will play into 2014 election campaigns and might also spur Republican presidential candidates in 2016 to push for stricter limits.


Latinos look to GOP to lead on immigration: Fox News Latino

July 15 by Javier Ortiz

After weeks of political legwork, the U.S. Senate recently passed a comprehensive immigration reform package. While far from perfect, it sets the stage for meaningful debate as details continue to be hammered out among members across the political spectrum. House Republicans must now lead on the immigration issue and move quickly to pass legislation.


La importancia de la reforma para los partidos políticos: El Nuevo Herald

July 14 by Sabina Covo

Esta semana la congresista de la Florida Ileana Ros-Lehtinen dijo que se siente positiva con respecto a la reforma migratoria. Ros-Lehtinen ha dicho algo clave refiriéndose a los que piensan que la reforma sería una amnistía: “La verdadera amnistía sería no hacer nada”.

Immigration reform house of pain: The Economist

July 12 by T.N.

How much damage would the death of comprehensive immigration reform do to the Republican Party? For those who think "a lot", the best evidence comes from Latino Decisions, a specialist polling company, which finds that Latino voters look far more favourably on the party, and its putative presidential candidates, when asked to imagine that it/they have backed immigration reform (and vice versa).


It's Not All Bad News with the GOP and Latinos: The American Prospect

July 12 by Jamelle Bouie

At Latino Decisions, senior analyst Adrian Pantoja uses data from a recent survey of more than 6,000 Latino immigrants to show that—pace assumptions from Republicans and Democrats—the partisan affiliation among “Latino non-citizens is largely non-partisan and undefined.”


Migrantes latinos no se consideran ni Demócratas ni Republicanos: Mundo Fox

July 12

La mayoría de los migrantes Latinos que viven en Estados Unidos, con y sin documentos legales, no se consideran afiliados ni al partido Demócrata, ni al Republicano, según reveló un estudio publicado por Latino Decisions, tras revisar datos obtenidos de encuestas realizadas en 2006 entre seis mil Latinos.


Latino immigrants are neither Democrats nor Republicans, analysis says: NBCLatino

July 12 by Brian Latimer and Jacquellena Carrero 

Rep. Steve King may have recently claimed that two-thirds of new citizens would vote Democrat, but a new analysis says this is not the case. The analysis by Latino Decisions showed that three-quarters of eligible Latino citizens do not side with either party. Using raw, empirical data from the 2006 National Latino Survey, researchers found that 72 percent of undocumented Latino immigrants are largely non-partisan.


Could the GOP Lose Generations of Latino Voters? The Monkey Cage

July 11 by John Sides

That is Adrian Pantoja writing over at the Latino Decisions blog.  Their polling shows that 71% of non-citizen Latinos identify as independent or with a minor party, or have no attachment of any kind.  There is a large number of Latinos who, once naturalized, will seemingly be up for grabs.


The Swing State Where the GOP Desperately Needs Hispanics: The New Republic

July 11 by Nate Cohn

In New Mexico and Nevada, where the Hispanic vote has flipped two states from red to blue. The GOP’s route to the presidency has survived the loss of those two small states—they’re worth just 11 electoral votes. But it’s a whole different story if Florida suffers the same fate as Nevada, as it very well might if Republicans can’t improve among Hispanics.


Rubio says he won’t back a short-term budget unless Obamacare is defunded: NBCLatino

July 11 by Jacquellena Carrero

According to political scientist Dr. Gabriel Sanchez, who serves as director of research for Latino Decisions and interim executive director of the Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico, Rubio’s tough comments are likely part of an effort to get back in the good graces of conservatives who are upset over his support for the Senate immigration bill.

Here are the House Republicans who could save immigration reform: Business Insider

July 10 by Brett LoGiurato

A new analysis from the firm Latino Decisions finds that there are a handful of Republicans who could feel compelled to pass some kind of reform. In all, there are 44 seats held by House Republicans with a large Latino population that could have an effect on their re-election chances in 2014.


Do Republicans have anything to lose by voting against immigration reform: U.S. News

July 10 by Lauren Fox

As House Republicans huddle inside Wednesday to address how to proceed on immigration reform, an audience of 500 made up of both Latino voters and DREAMers – immigrants who entered the country illegally as children – will be gathering outside the Capitol to warn the GOP that ignoring their pleas will have electoral repercussions.


Liberal and conservative groups push for immigration bill in the House: Yahoo News

July 10 by Chris Moody

Facing pressure from interest groups to pass an immigration reform bill, House Republicans planned to meet Wednesday in a closed-door meeting to hash out a way forward on the issue. Outside, a rare coalition with groups from across the political spectrum are looking for ways to convince them to act.


Reforma migratoria inicia prueba de fuego: La Opinión

July 10 Antonieta Cádiz

El Congreso enfrenta hoy un día decisivo en el futuro de la reforma migratoria. Los congresistas republicanos evaluarán el camino a seguir para debatir el proyecto, en medio de una intensa presión mediática y de grupos proinmigrantes.


Majority of Nevadans supports immigration reform, wants Congress to act: Las Vegas Sun

July 10 Tovin Lapan

A new poll released Thursday shows a majority of Nevadans supports the basics of the immigration reform proposal currently under debate in U.S. Senate, and an overwhelming majority feels politicians must address the issue this year.

Do House Republicans have political incentive to back immigration reform: Yahoo News

July 10 by Liz Goodwin

Nearly two weeks after the Senate passed a sweeping immigration reform bill with the votes of 14 Republicans, House Republicans have so far not shown much interest in the bill. House Speaker John Boehner repeatedly has said he will not schedule a vote on the Senate version of the bill, and will only bring other immigration reform proposals up for a vote if a majority of Republicans back them.


NPR's odd claim about Latino voting in Texas: Houston Chronicle

July 10 by Charles Kuffner

where in the world did they come up with 36% for Mitt Romney? No source is cited for this number, despite the fact that there was a pre-election poll of Latino voters in Texas in 2012, which put Romney’s support at 29%.


House tackles immigration issue: The Arizona Republic

July 10 Erin Kelly

House Republicans today will begin to decide the fate of landmark immigration-reform legislation. They could consider the Senate’s version but are more likely to forge their own path — either by offering much narrower bills or by refusing to take up the issue at all.


Why voter ID won't save the GOP: MSNBC

July 10 by Zachary Roth

Last month’s Supreme Court ruling weakening the Voting Rights Act has left voting-rights advocates and Democrats fearing that a potential new wave of suppression tactics could keep poor and minority voters from the polls. Voter ID laws have topped the list of concerns, with several southern states vowing to push forward with such measures now that it’ll be harder for the federal government to stop them.


Immigration reformers have a plan to win over House Republicans: MSNBC

July 9 by Benjy Sarlin

David Damore, an analyst with pollster Latino Decisions, told reporters in a conference call Tuesday that reformers were focusing on 14 “tier 1” members who face large Latino constituencies and competitive elections, and an additional 10 “tier 2” and 20 “tier 3” members whose Latino populations are at least potentially an influence.


As immigration debate heads to House, lawmakers targeted with ads: Las Vegas Sun

July 9 by Nadine Guy

From the recent all-out blitz of advocacy advertisements targeting GOP congressman on immigration reform, it would be easy to mistake 2013 for a major election year. According to some recent polling, it may behoove some members of the House to act like they are facing re-election a year early.


As House GOP debates immigration, Latinos key in midterm elections, argues group: NBCLatino

July 9 by Sandra Lilley

House Republicans will meet Wednesday to discuss their plans on a comprehensive immigration reform bill – and many recent reports express skepticism that the House GOP will support reform legislation.  Among the arguments are that for many House Republicans, the Latino vote is not that crucial for next year’s midterms.

La Reforma depende de cinco congresistas: Diario Las Americas

July 6

Son conservadores de pura cepa, no necesitan el voto hispano y se oponen tajantemente a la naturalización de los inmigrantes sin papeles. De ellos podría depender la aprobación de una reforma a las leyes de inmigración.

Poll: Republicans pushing immigration reform could score with Latinos in 2016: CS Monitor

July 3 by Jennifer Skalka Tulumello

Republicans eyeing the 2016 White House contest could find some useful pointers in a new survey of Latino voters. Those advocating comprehensive immigration reform – Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin – are well positioned to win over some of the Latino voters who backed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, according to the poll, which was sponsored by Latino Decisions on behalf of America’s Voice.


Castro Attracts, Cruz Pushes Away Latino Voters In New Poll: Texas Public Radio

July 3 by Ryan Loyd

A new poll says San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro is in a favored position to run for vice president in 2016. The poll by Latino Decisions, a group focused on Latino political opinion research, has started speculation that Castro could be viewed as a strong contender, should he be picked as a vice presidential candidate in three years.


One year extension for companies to implement health care law: NBC Latino

July 3 by Sandra Lilley

The Obama administration is delaying the implementation of a key provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires employers to provide coverage for their workers or pay penalties. The unexpected decision postpones the employer mandate for one year, until 2015.

Votantes hispanos estan a la expectativa: La Opinion

July 2 by Pilar Marrero

El voto de los latinos en las elecciones presidenciales de 2016 está muy relacionado con el rol que cumplan los posibles candidatos de ambos partidos en la lucha por la reforma migratoria, reveló una encuesta de votantes latinos que participaron en las elecciones de 2008 y 2012.


Rubio could steal half of Obama's voters in 2016: IBTimes

July 2 by Laura Matthews

If Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., decides to run in the 2016 presidential election, a new poll shows that half of Latinos who voted Democratic in the last two elections may switch allegiance thanks to the senator’s work on the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill.


Rubio trails Hillary, Biden among Hispanics in 2016: National Review

July 2 by Eliana Johnson

Marco Rubio’s push for immigration reform has yet to boost him much in the eyes of the nation’s Hispanic voters. A poll of likely Hispanic voters in the 2016 presidential race shows Rubio trailing potential Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden 66-28 percent and 60-28 percent respectively.


Republicans who support immigration reform more likely to win Latino vote: Huffington Post

July 2

Those who’ve been saying immigration reform insults Latino voters should take a look at this poll. A poll of Hispanic voters released Monday by Latino Decisions and immigrant advocacy group America’s Voice indicates that Latinos would be more likely to vote for a Republican presidential candidate that endorses immigration reform.


La reforma migratoria es muy importante para el voto hispano: Univision

July 1 by Lourdes Meluza

Si las elecciones presidenciales fueran hoy, el voto latino se inclinaría por el candidato demócrata, al menos eso es lo que indica una encuesta que consultó a 1,200 electores hispanos sobre su preferencia entre los posibles precandidatos de ambos partidos, pero el respaldo de los republicanos a la reforma migratoria podría revertir esta tendencia.


Poll shows upside for Rubio among Hispanics: Tampa Bay Times

July 1 by Alex Leary

A new poll from America's Voice/Latino Decisions shows a political upside for Sen. Marco Rubio for his work on immigration reform. While Rubio's getting killed among some conservatives, he would do well among Hispanic voters, according to the poll. No other Republican did as well as Rubio.


2016 Latino poll Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio lead: Politico

July 1 by Hadas Gold

Among Latinos, a poll out Monday shows Clinton is the favorite to Rubio, 66 percent to 28 percent, the survey from Latino Decisions reports. Rubio also loses in a potential matchup against Vice President Joe Biden 60 percent to 28 percent.


Clinton tops Bush, Rubio among Hispanic voters for 2016: The Hill

July 1 by Justin Sink

The survey, by Latino Decisions, also revealed that Republican candidates continue to significantly trail among Hispanic voters, with even champions of immigration reform like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush significantly.


Does San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro Want To Vice President: Buzzfeed

July 1 by Adrian Carrasquillo

While the speech was well-received, a new poll by Latino Decisions of 2012 presidential voters finds that his popularity in the Latino community makes him a favorite to be named vice presidential nominee in 2016.


Rubio Tops GOP Pols for Hispanic Voters, Clinton Leads Dems: U.S. News

July 1 by Rebekah Metzler

Matt Barreto, a political science professor at the University of Washington and principal at the polling firm Latino Decisions, said this matters for Republicans with 2016 presidential ambitions because of the political clout of the Hispanic voting bloc.


GOP's fate hinges on immigration: Washington Times

July 1 by Seth McLaughlin

Looking ahead to the 2016 presidential election, a new poll shows that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the clear favorite among Hispanic voters and that none of the likely GOP nominees have enough support from Latinos to win the White House — though they have a chance to make up ground by supporting a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.


Democrats do well among Latino voters: McClatchy

July 1 By David Lightman

Democrats do well among Latino voters. Democrats still enjoy an overwhelming advantage with Latino voters, according to a new Latino Decisions/America's Voice poll released Monday.


Will House GOP make a presidential suicide pact: Appeal-Democrat

July 1 by Thomas Elias

Maybe Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican congressman from Orange County best known for his surfing photo-ops, has wiped out once too often. Or maybe his ultra-safe political turf keeps him from seeing the reality that stares his party in the face when it comes to the issue of immigration.


Hillary hot among Latinos too: Washington Examiner

July 1 by Paul Bedard

The latest Latino Decisions poll released Monday finds that Clinton, the former secretary of state, is buoyed by a 73-percent approval rating among Hispanics who have voted in the last two elections and would crush her nearest Republican challenger, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, by more than two to one, 66 percent to 28 percent, in 2016.