The GOP Calculus On Immigration Reform

Daily Beast

Numbers from Latino Decisions suggest that Republicans could gain Latino votes by moderating on immigration: Ezra explains the GOP's thinking: Two numbers explain why a rational - Jan 28

Fascinating Presentation Shows Why The GOP Has To Embrace Immigration Reform

The Business Insider

A recent presentation by the polling firm Latino Decisions detailed what Republicans have to gain from embracing immigration reform. With their permission, we've reprinted the  -Jan 28


Obama to unveil immigration reform plans

Financial Times

Data released by polling firm Latino Decisions last week found that 74 per cent of Hispanic voters surveyed said Mr Romney either did not care about the Latino community or was actively - Jan 28


Group says it can turn Texas blue: KUT News

January 25, by Joy Diaz

Texas Democrats have been fighting an uphill battle against Republicans for years. The state has been firmly red since 2002. But a new Washington-based group, Battleground Texas, wants to invest tens of millions of dollars to turn Texas blue.


Hispanics Are the Most Moveable Electorate
In a postmortem analysis of the 2012 presidential election, polling firm Latino Decisions suggested Wednesday that while President Barack Obama did extremely well among Hispanic - Jan 24


 Latino turnout low in 2012 presidential election? Not a chance - Voxxi

Jan 24, 2013 by Jose de la Isla

Latino Decisions essay that in 2012 the Latino electorate reached a watershed moment. Three-quarters of the 12 million-plus Hispanics who voted supported President Obama. They comprised about 10 percent of the national electorate.


One year after Romney's “self-deport,” -- NBC Latino

Jan 23, 2013 by Sandra Lilley

Tramonte and Latino Decisions co-principal and Stanford political scientist Gary Segura presented findings from November's election, as well as “lessons learned.” Their takeaway? The Republican party left Latino votes “on the table”


Latinos have an agenda for the President's first 100 days - NBC Latino

Jan 21, 2013 by Sandra Lilley

Today President Obama embarks on a second term as the nation’s 44th President, fulfilling the mandate of 71 percent of Latino voters who put their faith behind his message and helped give him a chance to continue what he started – or what he has promised.  


Medicaid expansion delicate maneuver for Arizona governor: New York Times

January 18, by Fernanda Santos

 Gov. Jan Brewer called it “one of the most difficult decisions” of her 30 years in public service. If she chose to expand Medicaid, the federal and state program that provides health care to poor and disabled people, she risked antagonizing her conservative base, steadfast opponents of President Obama’s health care law.


Four out of five Americans support path to citizenship - NBC Latino

Jan 18, by Sandra Lilley

Four out of five Americans say they would support a plan which includes a path to citizenship, according to a new poll conducted by bipartisan researchers.  In fact, 87 percent of over 1,000 people polled prefer undocumented immigrants to be allowed a path to citizenship, compared to only 7 percent who prefer legal status without citizenship.


With politics in mind, Texas Republicans avoiding measures to crack down on illegal immigration: Dallas Morning News

January 18 by Karen Brooks Harper

Faced with the prospect of a booming number of Hispanic voters, Republicans in the Legislature have stayed away from hot-button immigration proposals, such as banning “sanctuary cities.”


Newly elected Latino leaders urged to seek reform: NBC Latino

January 3,  by Sandra Lilley

The U.S. Congress has had quite a rocky time of late, and in recent polls Americans have given pretty dismal marks to the increasingly polarized House and Senate. Today’s newly sworn-in Latino legislators say they are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, and political observers say these new legislators don’t have a choice.