Path toward citizenship or legalization: The Hill

August 30 by Alex Nowrasteh

Controversy over a path toward citizenship is the most important roadblock to immigration reform. Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Ida.) said, “People that came here illegally knowingly – I don’t think they should have a path to citizenship.”  On the political left, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez  (D-ll.) said he, “is opposed to proposals that bar citizenship or create a permanent non-citizen underclass."


NM values clash with House GOP on immigration: Las Cruces Sun-News

August 27 by Gabriel Sanchez

As the national debate focused on establishing a common sense immigration process reaches a crossroads, it's interesting to consider the context of New Mexico and the population's perspectives on this highly salient issue.


50 years later, King's dream unfinished in voting, education, health: NBC Latino

August 25 by Raul Reyes

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech to thousands assembled in Washington, D.C.  He challenged Americans to compare their ideals of liberty and equality with the reality of discrimination and injustice then prevalent in society.


Health reform challenge: signing up Hispanics: Portland Business Journal

August 21 by Elizabeth Hayes

About 30 percent of Hispanics don’t have health insurance, the highest rate among ethnic groups, and that creates both a huge challenge and an opportunity, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Health care overhaul targets Hispanics: Wall Street Journal

August 20 by Timothy W Martin, Arian Campo-Flores, and Meredith Rutland

Insurers and the Obama administration are racing to sign Hispanics up for coverage under the federal health overhaul, eager to reach a segment of the U.S. population that offers huge opportunity but also presents many challenges.


The future of the GOP and Hispanic voters looks grim: Governing

August 19 by Louis Jacobson

Leading Republicans, from Karl Rove to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, see the passage of the U.S. Senate's immigration bill as necessary for future GOP success with Hispanics, a fast-growing portion of the electorate that has voted strongly Democratic in recent years.


Where Obamacare faces its biggest challenge: VOXXI

August 18 by Tony Castro

Supporters and advocates of Obamacare have already begun gearing up in California where they say the state will be where the implementation of the historic health care program faces its biggest challenge.


The facts on immigration today: Tucson Sentinel

August 16 by Anna Garcia

Below are the latest and most essential facts about immigrants and immigration reform in our nation today. The facts are broken down into the following sections: Today’s immigrant population, Demographics and political power of Latinos and Asian Americans, Immigrants and the economy, Federal immigration policy, and Public opinion polling on immigration.


Republican senators who voted for immigration reform: Univision

August 14

Interactive. Hover over photos for more information about Latino presence in each district.


Google Translate finally gets "undocumented" right: ABC News

August 14 by Jorge Rivas

Until Tuesday evening a free service provided by Google was incorrectly translating the Spanish term for “undocumented” to “illegal immigrant.” The internet giant’s free translation service, called Google Translate, took neutral headlines with the word “indocumentado” from Spanish-language news sites and compromised the accuracy and fairness of the stories by not translating to the correct term in English.


Cleaner air would boost, not break economic progress: Houston Chronicle

August 14 by Frances Beinecke and Elena Rios

Nationally, most Americans support government taking action to reduce carbon pollution and 86 percent of Latinos favor the president working to curb pollution linked to climate change, according to a Latino Decisions poll conducted before the president unveiled his plan.


Dear Google: undocumented doesn't mean "illegal immigrant": ABC News

August 12 by Jorge Rivas

Dear Google Translate Team, On Saturday I used Google Translate to translate a Spanish-language Univison News story to English. The news story was about Puerto Rico allowing undocumented immigrants the right to apply for drivers licenses--the headline in Spanish read, “Puerto Rico dará licencia de conducir temporal a indocumentados.”


Reforma Migratoria: mayorías y otras cifras de interés político: Univision

August 12 by Maribel Hastings

En el Congreso las mayorías no son mayorías. En el Senado, por ejemplo, las medidas no avanzan sin antes superar el umbral de los 60 votos que permiten una votación final.


Yet  another wacky poll about Latino voting in Texas: Off the Kuff

August 6 by Charles Kuffner

Along the same lines as above, the cited figure of 32% Latino support for Romney is reasonably in line with other data, and implies a level of Anglo support in the 71-72% range, which strikes me as being plausible. I could buy 35% for Cruz – bearing in mind that some number of people thought Cruz was the Democrat in the race – but 40% is just a stretch.

Approval rating of Congress is dismal as lawmakers take summer break: VOXXI

August 4 by Griselda Navarez

With the 113th Congress’ inability to get much done and with congressional leaders now taking off for a five-week summer break, it is no wonder the approval rating of Congress is so low. Poll after poll shows that members of Congress have an approval rating that is in the mid-teens, while their disapproval rating tops 70 percent.


Rep. Jeff Denham evolving on immigration: San Francisco Chronicle

August 3 by Joe Garofoli

Central Valley Rep. Jeff Denham is a human timeline of how Republicans can evolve on the immigration issue. If Congress is going to pass an immigration overhaul that includes a pathway to citizenship for the nation's 11 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally - the main issue dividing Democrats who support it and the GOP - Democrats will need to sift out about two dozen supporters like Denham among the Republicans who control the House.


While Whites Americans feel 'ceiling effect', Blacks and Latinos find aspiration: PBS NewsHour

August 3 by Ray Suarez

For decades, white, Hispanic and black Americans have felt similarly optimistic about their chances of improving their lives and economic prospects. But a study out this week shows that, since about 2006, whites have become more pessimistic. At the same time, blacks and Hispanics have grown more optimistic.


Progressives announce plan to fight back Obamacare opponents: NBC Latino

August 2 by Claudio Remeseira

As Congress heads into summer recess, progressives want to take the health care debate to the grassroots – and fight back opposition the the landmark health legislation.


California's Latinos critical for success of Obamacare: Los Angeles Times

August 1 by Anna Gorman

California has launched a major campaign to educate Latinos about Obamacare before enrollment begins Oct. 1. More than half of Latinos have little or no understanding of the Affordable Care Act, according to a recent survey by Latino Decisions, an opinion polling organization.