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November 2012

Washington Post: Nevada moves to "leans Obama", Nov 4

Boston Globe: Obama rallies Hispanic vote, Romney tries to make inroads, Nov 4

La Opinión: 20% de los latinos ya votó; el 73% votó por Obama, Nov 3

Arizona Republic: Latino voters surge in Arizona, Nov 3

La Opinión: Voto útil para Obama, Nov 3

BBC Mundo: Elecciones en EE.UU.: diez razones por las que importa el voto latino, Nov 2

Los Angeles Times: Romney on razor's edge in Florida, Nov 2

TPM: Pollsters swing and miss at Latino vote, Nov 2

NBC Latino: Latino groups rally higher turnout, Nov 2

USA Today: Hispanic vote may nudge Ariz. toward 'swing' in 2016, Nov 1

October 2012

NBC Latino: New Mexico Poll shows immigration galvanizing Latino voters, Oct 31

NBC Latino: Campaigns zero in on Florida's Latino voters, Oct 31

Las Vegas Sun: Organizations push Hispanics to polls, Oct 31

Examiner: Colorado Profile of a swing state, Oct 31

ABC News: Obama staking reelection on new immigration promise, Oct 30

Politico: Latino Decisions Obama 73, Romney 21 with Hispanic voters, Oct 29

Huffington Post: Record Latino voter turnout predicted, Oct 29

McClatchy: Obama Helped by Latino Vote in Nevada, Oct 29

La Opinión: Usan el voto útil para Obama, Oct 28

Miami Herald: The key election factor, Hispanic turnout, Oct 27

Los Angeles Times: Obama says Latinos could be big reason he wins second term, Oct 26

Fox News Latino: Candidates Race for the Latino Swing That Could Spell Victory, Oct 26

La Opinión: Momento de definicion, Oct 25

La Opinión: Latinos atentos a la elección, Oct 25

CNN: Latino vote may top 12 million, Oct 25

NBC Latino: Romney wingmen bringing him down with women, Oct 25

NBC Latino: On insurance, big gulf between Obama and Romney, Oct 25

The Agenda: Hispanic Influence in Politics, Oct 25

New York Times: For Latina voters, issues are personal, Oct 25

Roland Martin Reports: Dr. Justin Gross talks about Latino support for President Obama, Oct 24

La Opinión: Latinos con más entusiasmo frente a las elecciones, Oct 24

Huffington Post: Michelle Obama Ad Latino Vote, Oct 24

VOXXI: Why the Latino vote matters in 2012, Oct 24

TPM: Romney Nevada Polls, Oct 24

NBC Latino: Nevada and Colorado critical Latino Battleground States, Oct 24

Business Insider: This election is about whether GOP can survive America's demographic changes, Oct 24

ABC News: Are Polls Underestimating the Effect of Latino Voters?, Oct 23

Houston Chronicle: Latino Voters Highly Engaged in Election, Oct 23

NBC Latino: Obama, Romney make final push, Oct 23

CBS Miami: Latino voters give Obama 45-point lead, Oct 23

La Opinión: Política migratoria asegura a Obama el voto hispano, Oct 21

La Opinión: Latinos con el ojo puesto en las elecciones, Oct 21

ABC/Univision News: Why Romney Should Be Worried About Unemployment Numbers, Oct 19

NBC Latino: Five Things You Didn't Know About Colorado Voters, Oct 19

New York Times: Campaigns See Latinos as Key in FL, CO and NV, Oct 19

San Francisco Chronicle: Getting Out Latino Voters in Nevada, Oct 19

Yahoo News: Has Romney moved to the center on immigration, Oct 19

Fairfax Times: Latinos Rank Immigration, Economy Top Issues, Oct 18

Huffington Post: Romney's Dad Born In Mexico, His Immigration Plan, Oct 18

NBC Latino: Latino Catholics Strongly Back Obama, Oct 16

KPCC: Three Reasons Obama is Among Florida Latinos, Oct 16

Salon: Is Arpaio Driving Arizona Voters to Democrats, Oct 16

San Francisco Chronicle: GOP lacks incentive to provide details, Oct 16

ABC/Univision News: Polling Methodology, Oct 15

Business Insider: Here's the Reason Romney Performs Well in new Poll, Oct 15

Huffington Post: Poll Reveals Bad News for Romney in Swing States, Oct 15

Miami Herald: Latina moms leading their families to the polls, Oct 15

NBC Latino: Candidates Have Work to do to Increase Latino Support, Oct 15

Politico: Obama Edge With Latinos Down to 44 Points, Oct 15

VOXXI: Obama's Favorability with Latino Voters Slips, Oct 15

Washington Post: Obama, Kaine Up Big Among Latino Voters, Oct 15

New York Times: Arizona and the Spanish Speaking Vote, Oct 13

NBC Latino: Biden and Ryan Engage in Lively VP Debate, Oct 12

NBC Latino: Debate did not touch Immigration, Latin America, Oct 11

ABC/Univision: Latino Voters Make Noise in Battleground States, Oct 11

BusinessWeek: Carmona Imperils Save GOP Seat, Oct 11

Las Vegas Review Journal: Heller Lead over Berkley Growing, Oct 11

NBC Latino: Latinos in AZ and CO Energized by Anti-Immigrant Sentiment, Oct 11

The National Journal: The Killer Ticket Splitters, Oct 11

ABC/Univision: Why Is Obama's Latino Lead so Large?, Oct 10

Associated Press: Latino Voter Turnout May Surprise Arizona, Oct 10

Huffington Post: Arizona Latinos Prefer Obama, Carmona, Oct 10

Huffington Post: Immigration Most Important Issue for Arizona Latino Voters, Oct 10

Obama at 80%, Leads by 66 in Arizona, Oct 10

The Economist: Throwing Votes Away, Oct 10

The Hill: Democrats believe they can hold Senate, Oct 10

The Hill: Latino Support for GOP Plunges in Arizona, Oct 10

TPM: 80% of Arizona Latinos Support Obama, Oct 10

VOXXI: Obama Appeals Directly to DREAMERS in Swing State Ad, Oct 9

USA Today: Obama Announces Chavez Monument, Oct 8

Obama Courts Latino Vote in Battleground States, Oct 7

ABC/Univision: Romney Struggling with Latino Vote in Nevada and Florida, Oct 5

Bill Moyers: What Drives Latino Voters, Oct 5

NBC Latino: Latinos Shifting Nevada Democratic, Oct 5

Politico: Obama up by 61 in NV, 30 in FL with Latino voters, Oct 5

The Atlantic: Is Colorado Romney's Comeback State?, Oct 5

The Hill: Obama Crushing Romney with Swing State Latinos, Oct 5

TPM: Obama Up with Latinos by 61% in Nevada, 30 in Florida, Oct 5

Fox News Latino: Long Florida Ballot may clog polls, Oct 4

Hispanic Business: Obama, Romney didn't consider Hispanics in debate, Oct 4

TPM: Obama Trends Above 70% with Latinos, Oct 3

U.S. News: Romney Tries to Soften Immigration Stance, Oct 2

ABC/Univision: Romney Gains in Swing States, Obama Gains Nationally, Oct 1

Daily Beast: Obama Latino Support Hits All-Time High, Oct 1

NBC Latino: Obama and Romney Have Explaining To Do, Oct 1

Politico: Obama Hits All-time High With Latinos, Oct 1

TPM: Obama Tops 70% Among Latinos, Oct 1

VOXXI: Romney All In, In Denver, Oct 1

Washington Post: Romney's Latino numbers up in Battlegrounds, Oct 1

Weekly Standard: Romney Gains With Latinos, Oct 1

September 2012

VOXXI: Some Latino Voters Still Undecided as Election Nears, Sept 30

Time: Mexican American Voters Finally Have Their Say, Sept 30

La Opinion: Romney mejora entre latinos , Sept 30

New York Times: New Mexico Offers Look at Elections of the Future, Sept 29

ABC News: Not So Hidden Meaning of Obama's New Spanish Ad, Sept 27

Chicago Tribune: Romney Campaign impaired by shift in voter attitudes, Sept 25

Washington Post: Romney's Sinking Latino Numbers, Sept 24

NPR: The Latino Vote, Sept 21

Houston Chronicle: New Gender Gap, Sept 20

NBC Latino: Florida's Growing Puerto Rican population: Could they Tip the state?, Sept 20

Phoenix Business Journal: How Stereotypes Can Cost Business, Sept 19

CNN: Romney Under fire on immigration, Sept 19

Mercury News: Would being Latino help Romney?, Sept 19

Washington Post: Romney's Latino Problem, Sept 18

Business Insider: Why Latinas are Shunning Mitt Romney, Sept 17

The Atlantic: Ads are Window into Campaign Id, Sept 17

U.S. News: Romney Makes Pitch for Latino Votes, Sept 17

Yahoo News: Obama's Lead Widens Among Latino Voters and Women, Sept 17

Washington Post: Guillermo Clinton's Star Power with Latinos, Sept 17

The Hill: Latina Voters Give Obama 53-point Edge Over Romney, Sept 17

NBC News: GOP's Latina Problem, Sept 17

LA Times: Romney Lags Badly As He Addresses Latino Biz Group, Sept 17

Houston Chronicle: Romney Calls for Fair, Enforceable Immigration Laws, Sept 17

NBC Latino: Democrats Won Convention Messaging Game, Sept 9

VOXXI: Bad Job Numbers and the Morning Hangover, Sept 8

The Guardian: Marco Rubio v Julian Castro: the battle for 50m Hispanic votes, Sept 8

Houston Chronicle: Just 21% of Latinos View GOP more Favorably Post-Convention, Sept 7

Huffington Post: DNC Keynote Speaker Castro Predicts Obama Wins 70% Of Hispanic Vote, Sept 7

Huffington Post: Losing Latino Votes, Sept 7

NBC Latino: After convention, Latino Democrats gear up for tight stretch run, Sept 7

Bloomberg: Texas Republicans Send Conflicting Messages to Latinos, Sept 6

The Hill: Democrats Making Hard Sell to Latino Voters, Sept 6

TPM: Romney Schedules Major Address to Hispanic Group, Sept 5

NBC Latino: DNC Features Clinton, Christina, and DREAMers to Woo Latinos, Sept 5

Los Angeles Times: Latino Mayor Gets Spotlight, Sept 5

San Francisco Chronicle: Latinos' enthusiasm gap worries Dems - SFGate, Sept 4

Fox News Latino: Latino Voters Let Down by Obama, Not Enthused by Mitt Romney, Sept 4

VOXXI: Democratic National Convention lacks Latino Luster, Sept 4

Los Angeles Times: Julian Castro's moment in the spotlight at the DNC, Sept 4

US News: Democratic, GOP Conventions Court Hispanics With Key Speaking Roles, Sept 4

Miami Herald: San Antonio mayor delivers DNC Keynote Address, Sept 4

Bloomberg: Michelle Obama: Hispanic Vote-Play in Run-up to Convention Address, Sept 4

San Antonio Express News: Party stressing need to capture Latino vote, Sept 4

NBC Latino: Obama and Biden appeal to Latinos for four more years, Sept 4

NBC Latino: Over 800 Latino delegates ready to rally for Obama as Democratic convention begins, Sept 4

VOXXI: Republican and Democratic Conventions, Latinos ignored as an equal partner?, Sept 4

La Opinión: Romney, fortalecido entre latinos tras convención, Sept 4

Univision: Mejora imagen de republicanos y Romney ante latinos en EEUU tras convención, Sept 4

Winston Salem Journal: Hispanics a focus at DNC as turnout lags, Sept 4

Politico: Romney gets convention bump among Latino voters, Sept 3

NewsDay: Mitt Romney gains traction among Latino voters, Sept 4

TPM: Romney Sees Minor Post-Convention Bump Among Latinos, Sept 3

Business Insider: Support for Romney Increases Among Latino Voters, Sept 3

CNBC: Support for Romney Increases Among Latino Voters, Sept 3

Reuters: Support for Romney Increases Among Latino Voters, Sept 3

Univision News: Dem Convention Preview: Better off?, Romney’s Post-Convention Latino Bounce, Sept 3

Wall Street Journal: Lost in Translation, GOP Struggles with Hispanics, Sept 3

Houston Chronicle: Hispanics Have High-Profile Roles at Convention, Sept 3

Houston Chronicle: Texas Latinos urged to campaign for Obama in swing states, Sept

Terra Brasil: Convenção melhora imagem de Romney entre latinos, Sept 3

Univision: GOP mejora imagen ante los hispanos, Sept 3

VOXXI: Democratic National Convention promises to engage Latinos, Sept 2

Univision: Semana clave para Obama en Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, Sept 2

Univision: Mantiene Obama apoyo de latinos rumbo a convención Demócrata, Sept 2

Univision: El escaparate de las minorías, Sept 2

El Diario: Republicanos captan atencion de latinos, Sept 2

El Diario: Romney se enfrenta al dilema de Lyndon B. Johnson, Sept 1

August 2012

 VOXXI: GOP'S Hispanic vote formula—Paul Ryan and a trip South, Aug 31

NBC Latino: Republican convention report card: How did GOP do with Latinos?, Aug 31

Politico: Rubio at RNC - Big Stage, Tough Task, Aug 30

Huffington Post: Mel Martinez: If Romney Does not Woo Latinos, GOP Could Become Minority Party,Aug 30

Bloomberg, Romney Must Speak More From His Heart, Former Governor Bush Says, Aug 30

San Francisco Chronicle: Jeb Bush Slams Republican Anti-Immigrant Stance as Loser, Aug 30

NBC Latino: RNC- Latino Republican Governors and VP Pick Ryan Attack Obama's Policies, Aug 30

NBC Latino: RNC Immigrant Tease, Aug, 30

NBC Latino: Latinos biased to be Democrats, Aug 29

International Business News: Jeb Bush to GOP - 'Stop Being Stupid on Immigration or Lose Latinos' , Aug 29

Politico: Poll Shows Latinos View Paul Ryan Unfavorably, Aug 29

Huffington Post: Voter Suppression Series - Pennsylvania, Aug 29

Houston Chronicle: GOP Pollsters Say Party Must Increase Latino Support or Face Defeat, Aug 28

BusinessWeek: Florida Latino Diversity Required Tailored Message, Aug 28

NPR Marketplace: Republican Party Eyes Greater Hispanic Vote, Aug 28

Huffington Post: GOP Immigration Stance 'Crabby, Cranky, and Outdated' WSJ Editorial Warns, Aug 28

Fox News Latino: Cruz Hits Obama on Economy, Sandoval Highlights Immigrant Past, Aug 28

Huffington Post: Jan Brewer - Obama Is 'Race-Baiting,' Pandering To Latinos, Aug 28

NBC Latino: Republican Latinos Unite Behind Romney and Focus on the Economy, Aug 28

La Opinión Romney: el voto latino está cuesta arriba, Aug 27

Politico: Latino Decisions tracking poll, Obama up by 39, Aug 27

Miami Herald: Mitt Romney badly trails President Obama among Hispanic voters, Aug 27

TPM: Latinos Prefer Obama by 39-Point Margin, Aug 27

Wall Street Journal: Can Romney Lure Latinos?, Aug 27

Hispanic Business: Hispanic Voting Preferences to be Tracked in National Poll, Aug 27

Dallas Morning News: GOP woo Hispanic Voters with Latino Candidates and Convention Messages, Aug 27

Huffington Post: Mitt Romney Still Faces Challenge With Latino Voters, Aug 27

San Francisco Chronicle: Mitt Romney Introduces Himself to Latinos. Who Aren't Really into him, Aug 27

Huffington Post: Spanish-Language Ad: Craig Romney Talks Mexican-Born Grandfather, Aug 27

Latina Magazine: Election 2012 - Searching for Latino Voter Outreach at the GOP, Aug 27

Univision - El Voto Latino Cuesta Arriba Para Romney, Aug 27

Univision News: Romney Struggling with Latinos, Aug 27

San Antonio Express News: Democrats View Castro as Rising Star, Aug 26

NBC Latino: Can the Republicans connect with Latinos on abortion?, Aug 24

VOXXI: Romney Needs Latino Vote to Win Southwest Swing States, Aug 24

Univision News: Romney's Dwindling Opportunity to Win Latino Support, Aug 24

USA Today: Romney's to-do list in Tampa starts with 'Hi, I'm Mitt', Aug 24

Las Vegas Sun: As Election Day approaches Berkley, Heller battle over Hispanics, Aug 22

Business Insider: Romney is Way Behind with Latino Vote, and Ryan Might Be Making Things Worse, Aug 22

Las Vegas Review Journal: Poll Shows Obama, Romney Neck and Neck, Aug 22

Jorge Ramos: Squandering the Latino Vote, An Open Letter to the GOP, Aug 21

Univision - Cadena Hispana Critica Exclusión en Debates Presidenciales de EEUU, Aug 20

Terra Brasil - Escolha de Paul Ryan ignora poder político de latinos nos EUA, Aug 20

Denver Post: Latino Vote in Colorado Grows in Numbers, Influence as November Nears, Aug 19

Salt Lake City Tribune: McCain tells Mitt he needs more Latino votes out West , Aug 17

USA Today: Romney, GOP try for greater share of Hispanic votes, Aug 16

Politico: Not Changing the Race for Hispanics, Aug 15

NJ Star-Ledger: Ryan Won't Close Romney's Gap with Hispanics, Aug 15

La Prensa: ¿Conoce a Paul Ryan?,Aug 15

Washington Monthly: Ryan and the Latino Vote, Aug 15

Christian Science Monitor: Has Mitt Romney given up on the Latino vote, Aug 14

Houston Chronicle: Ryan benefits may be short lived, Aug 14

Politico: Not changing the race for Hispanics, Aug 13

National Journal: New Latino registrations could help determine battleground states, Aug 13

The Weekly Standard: Go for the Gold, Mitt, Aug 13

Huffington Post: Paul Ryan unlikely to play well with Latino and Black voters, Aug 12

VIOXX: VP Pick is "out of touch" with Latino Vote, Aug 11

Salt Lake Tribune: Many Latinos in Colorado skip voting, Aug 10

VIOXX: Obama and Romney up efforts to appeal to Latina voters, Aug 9

Fox News Latino: Ad paints Obama as "deporter-in-chief", Aug 8

Boston Globe: Romney Spanish ad attacks health care law, Aug 8

NBC Latino: Romney launches "Women for Mitt" coalition, Aug 8

Univision News: The one chart you need to read about the Latino vote, Aug 8

NBC Latino: Latinas need to hear from Ann Romney, Aug 8

NBC Latino: Cruz, if elected, pledges to repeal "every word" of Obamacare, Aug 3

NPR: Are polls good for either candidate?, Aug 2

Fort Worth Star Telegram: Cruz victory in Texas forecasts Senate makeover, Aug 1

July 2012

Los Angeles Times: GOP holds advantage over Democrats in electing Latino politicians, July 31

Dallas Morning News: San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro will keynote DNC, July 31

Huffington Post: John McCain says Romney needs to do more to court Latino vote, July 30

Politico: Romney's Arizona obstacle, July 30

Politico: Obama maintains lead among Hispanic voters, July 30

NBC Latino: Poll shows immigration does matter, when it comes to voters, July 23

National Journal: Poll shows Latinos fear Arizona law spurs racial profiling, July 23

Huffington Post: Latino voters less enthusiastic about Romney after hearing his SB1070 views, July 23

Las Vegas Sun: Obama stretches lead over Romney among Latino voters, July 20

National Journal: Latino Support For Obama Continues to Grow, July 19

Vioxx: Latino vote efforts lag with young Latinos: July 19

Yahoo News: Romney can't expect Latino support when he won't criticize Arpaio, July 19

Business Insider: Obama is absolutely crush Romney with Latino voters, July 18

Miami Herald: Obama opens up big lead in poll of Latino voters, July 18

McClatchy: Obama opens up big lead in poll of Latino voters, July 18

UPI: Obama leads among Latinos 70-22, July 18

NBC Latino: Obama opens up lead among Latinos and Latino independents, July 18

Washington Monthly: Obama solidifying Latino vote, July 18

Politico: Obama winning 70% of Hispanics, July 18

The Hill: Obama widens lead among Hispanic voters, July 18

Univision News: Latino support for Obama surges to 70%, July 18

Daily Beast: A Latino landslide?, July 18

Houston Chronicle: Obama opens up massive 48-pt lead among Latinos, July 18

Miami Herald: Florida voters favor Obama's immigration policies, July 16

Politico: Obama launches new Spanish language health care ad, July 12

NBC Latino: House votes to repeal health care legislation, July 11

CNN: Latina moms influential, but want more answers, July 11

NPR: Campaigns play the numbers to tip election favor, July 9

Las Vegas Sun: Berkley should not rest on 23% Latino advantage in polls, July 8

Salon: Latino poll spells trouble for Romney, July 6

Los Angeles Times: Presidential campaigns missing the mark in advertising to Latinos, July 1

June 2012

Las Vegas Review Journal: Sandoval criticizes Obama for dodging Congress on immigration - June 27

The Hill: Obama adds to his margin among Hispanics - June 27

Los Angeles Times: Support surges for Obama, but will it hold - June 27

TPM: Immigration Developments Could Push Latinos To The Polls - June 27

NPR: Obama's shift on deportation expands his lead with Hispanics - June 26

The Hill: Immigration thorn for Mitt - June 26

The New Republic: Revisiting Arizona - June 26

Yahoo News: Will immigration decision fuel Latino turnout? - June 26

Houston Chronicle: Impact of immigration, Latinos feel it personally - June 26

TPM: Latino voters believe Arizona ruling could create anti-immigrant sentiment - June 25

Denver Post: Romney’s Latino strategy: ¡Es la economía, estúpido (It’s the economy, stupid) - June 25

Univision News: Latino voters rate economy, healthcare over immigration - June 25

NBC Latino: Supreme Court decision on Arizona could alienate Latino voters - June 25

Christian Science Monitor: Poll Supreme Court could alienate Latino voters - June 25

CNN: Immigration ruling will affect Latino Vote -June 25

Business Insider: Arizona immigration ruling could mobilize Latino voters - June 25

Yahoo News: Obama widens lead among swing-state Latinos - June 23

Orlando Sentinel: Sen. Bill Nelson decries 'ideological rigidity' in American politics at NALEO 2012 - June 23

Univision Noticias: Preocupado con economía, voto en sigue sensible a la inmigración - June 22

Univision Noticias: Obama seguira luchando por la reforma migratoria - June 22

Washington Post: Bain is back, in a big way - June 22

Politico: Obama leads big with swing-state Latinos - June 22

Miami Herald: Obama courts Hispanics, says again he'll overhaul immigration - June 22

Miami Herald: Battleground Latino poll: Obama over Romney 53-37 in Florida - June 22

Fox News: Obama leads Romney among Hispanics in 5 key states - June 22

Univision Noticias: Expertos advierten que la inmigración moviliza voto latino y no la economía - June 21

Univision News: NALEO Conference Romney softens tone on immigration, slams Obama - June 21

Sacramento Bee: Survey finds Latino backing for Obama in swing states - June 21

NPR: Obama, Romney fine tune pitches to Latino voters - June 21

Noticias Univision: Romney cambia el tono, pero ofrece poca sustancia - June 21

NBC Latino: Romney's Immigration Pathway - June 21

Huffington Post Romney NALEO speech immigration policy - June 21

World News Australia: American politics analysis with Gary Segura - June 20

The Hill: New RNC ad targeting Hispanics focuses on economic message - June 20

New York Daily News: Obama's immigration move could hurt Romney with Latinos - June 20

New York Daily News: Obama’s relief for ‘Dreamers’ could be nightmare for Romney - June 20

Los Angeles Times: Romney trying to walk a tightrope on immigration - June 20

Las Vegas Sun: Obama’s immigration order shifts campaign rhetoric - June 20

La Opiníon: Difícil el voto latino para republicanos - June 20

Daily Beast: Obama’s Dreamer Immigration Move Boosts His Standing With Arizona Latinos - June 20

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney, RNC make appeals to Latino voters ahead of major speech - June 20

American Prospect: Latinos, linked fate and the DREAM Act - June 19

TPM: Obama’s immigration shift provokes GOP hostility – to Romney’s peril - June 19

The Hill: Majority of voters back Obama shift on immigration policy - June 19

PBS NewsHour: New Poll Shows Strong Support for Obama on Immigration Decision - June 19

Los Angeles Times: Spanish-language media star Cristina Saralegui appears in Obama ads - June 19

Business Insider: Obama immigration policy is a big hit - June 19

Boston Globe: Voters approve of Obama’s immigration policy 2:1, poll shows - June 19

Washington Post: Will the economy trump immigration - June 18

Washington Post: Latinos: Obama’s big electoral treasure trove - June 18

UPI: Obama's deportation policy boosts Latino interest - June 18

Univision Noticias: Obama audaza, Republicanos a la defensiva - June 18

TPM: Latinos more Poll: Latinos More Enthusiastic About Obama After Immigration Move - June 18

The Hill: Mexican leader praises Obama's 'valor and courage' on illegal immigrant issue - June 18

The Guardian: Romeny risks losing Latino voters - June 18

Noticias Univision: Obama, audaz; Republicanos, a la defensiva - June 18

Salon: Mitt's immigration straight jacket - June 18

McClatchy: Obama immigration policy a hit among Latino voters in key states - June 18

Los Angeles Times: Obama's immigration move wins support in battleground states - June 18

Fox News: Latino voters embrace suspension of deportations -June 18

El Nuevo Herald: Votantes latinos ‘entusiasmados’ por suspensión de deportaciones - June 18

Boise Weekly: Poll: Latino Support of Obama Surges in Swing States With New Policy - June 18

Huffington Post: Obama Immigration Decision Boosts Latino Enthusiasm - June 17

Boston Globe: Romney criticizes Obama's immigration order - June 17

Bloomberg: Is Hispanic the New Black? - June 17

Univision Noticias: Fallo supremo y la SB1070 - June 16

Variety: Latino TV eyes political windfall - June 16

Gainesville Times: Hispanic voters are untapped force in Georgia - June 16

Yahoo! News: Obama explains new immigration plan - June 15

Yahoo News: White House to halt deportation of young illegal immigrants - June 15

Washington Post: Hispanic outreach director declines comment on Obama deportation order - June 15

Politico: Obama energizes Latino vote - June 15

Daily Beast: Obama gets smart on immigration - June 15

Business Insider: Republicans want Romney to flip-flop on immigration, again - June 15

USNews & World Report: RNC Latino Site Features Stock Photo of Asian Children - June 13

Noticias Univision: Voto evangélico latino, en serias deliberaciones - June 13

Democracy Journal: The Browning of America, June 13

Bloomberg: Yes, a President Bush Can Still Help Republicans - June 12

MSNBC: Latino vote requires more nurturing - June 11

New York Times Latino growth not fully felt at voting booth - June 10

La Opiníon: Baja respuesta de votantes latinos para elecciones - June 10

El Nuevo Diaro: Obama mantiene amplia ventaja sobre Romney - June 9

TPM: Romney Still Struggling With Latinos Despite New Outreach - June 8

The National Journal: Will Romney put money behind his message - June 8

Politico: Romney’s glaring Hispanic gap - June 8

NPR: What do primary results mean for November? - June 6

Washington Post: Romney courts Latino vote in Texas - June 5

New York Post: GOP Latino opening requires immigration innovation June 5

USA Today: Republicans see opening with Hispanic voters over jobs data - June 3

May 2012

NBC Latino: Texas Uphill Battle for Latino Representation, May 29

CNN: The impact of the Latino vote beyond Texas, May 28

Univision News: Democrat likens Romney Latino-problem to alcoholism, May 25

NBC Latino: Romney Unveils Education Plan, May 23

New York Times: Watch for ‘Sí Se Puede’ Signs at Obama Rallies, May 23

NPR: Latino voters seen, will they be heard?, May 16

San Francisco Chronicle: Obama won’t lose Latinos and Blacks because of gay marriage, May 10

NBC Politics: RNC :We've Only Just Begun to Fight for Latino Voters, May 8

Miami Herald: Rubio's Hispanic draw for Romney would be mixed, analysts and pollsters say, May 5

April 2012

Fort Worth Star Telegram: Texas GOP might be losing Hispanic vote, Apr 24

NBC Politics: As immigration case goes before high court, what it means for 2012, Apr 23

Washington Post: Latino voters take center stage in both presidential campaigns, Apr 17

MarketWatch: AJC Landmark Survey of Latino Attitudes toward Jews, Apr 11

Time: LD polling "the gold standard" in "Predicting the Latino vote in 2012", Apr 11

La Crónica de Hoy Voto latino volverá a ser clave en noviembre en EU, Apr 5

March 2012

ABC News: Gingrich outreach to Latinos yields little, Mar 29

Americas Society: As Supreme Court Weighs Health Care Law, So Do Latino Voters, Mar 26

7dias: Romney el favorito de los hispanos, Mar 27

NBC Latino: Men and women believe in equal pay and access, Mar 5

February 2012

Ruben Navarrette: Obama dismal on immigration, February 23

Time: Why the Latino vote in Arizona could be decisive in 2012, February 23

January 2012

Americas Society: Latino voters help Romney snag Florida, Jan 30

Tucson Citizen: Is Mitt Romney anti-immigrant?, Jan 30

El Nuevo Día: Romney y la esquina de suerte, Jan 30

Politico: Obama’s secret weapon with Hispanics: social security?, Jan 30

ABC News: Obama Campaign: GOP Rhetoric ‘Sealed Political Fate’ With Hispanics, Jan 30

Christian Science Monitor: Why Florida’s Latino Republicans tilt toward Romney, Jan 28

NBC Latino: Gary Segura explains Gingrich and Romney careful stance on immigration, Jan 27

NPR: Republicans fight for the Latino vote, Jan 26

The New York Times: Candidates scramble to win Hispanic votes in Florida, Jan 25

National Journal: Romney’s Hispanic problem, Jan 25

Univision News: Obama leads by wide margins among Latinos, Florida still in play, Jan 25

Houston Chronicle: Four GOP candidates focus on Latino support, Jan 22

Reuters: The GOP’s Hunt for Latino Voters, Jan 18

NPR: In Spanish language ads, a question of sincerity, Jan 26

El Pais: Romney, favorite entre los hispanos de Florida, Jan 26

Roll Call: Recess picks still open question, Jan 9

Sun Sentinal: Llega a Florida la contienda republicana - Jan 4

La Prensa Republicanos apuestan por hablar sólo de economía, Jan 11

Salon: GOP Latino problem gets worse, Jan 11