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VPR News: New Poll Suggests Latino Voters See ‘Hostile’ GOP. Dec 13

Poll: Marco Rubio no help to GOP in 2012 election - POLITICO. Dec 13

Poll: Hispanic Voters Unenthusiastic About 2012 Elections - HispanicBusiness.com. Dec 13

Hay poco entusiasmo por las elecciones 2012 - Noticias locales, nacionales e internacionales - impre.com. Dec 12

73% de votantes hispanos tienen percepción negativa de republicanos.La Prensa. Dec 12

Immigration becomes hot topic in GOP race – USATODAY.com. Dec 8


CNN: Latinos don’t have to pick one identity Nov 30

Obama has work to do courting Latino vote, expert says - Los Angeles Times. Nov 29

Los Angeles Times: Obama has work to do courting the Latino vote, expert says Nov 29

Huffington Post: Republicans should ‘Shut up’ on immigration if they want Latino vote Nov 29

ABC News: GOP candidates fight over future of immigration reform Nov 29

ABC News: Gingrich’s ‘Humane’ Immigration stance Could Help Him Nov 29

Washington Post: Will Romney’s immigration stance become his Latino problem? Nov 27

Wall Street Journal: Gingrich takes risk with immigration stance Nov 25

Univision News: Gingrich takes gamble on immigration, gets hit by GOP foes Nov 23

US News & World Report: Minority Support May Boost Obama in 2012 Nov 22

CNN: Today’s political bullet points – the Latino vote Nov 21

Latino poll: Obama cruising past GOP - POLITICO.com. Nov 19

The Hill: Hispanic voters’ uncertain allegiance to Dems could swing three states in 2012 Nov 19

Univision News: Obama campaign hires Latino vote director to ‘expand map’ Nov 17

St. Petersburg Times: On immigration, Marco Rubio urges the right to tone it down Nov 15

Christian Science Monitor: Hispanics would not flock to Marco Rubio as VP pick Nov 14

Ala.’s New Immigration Bill Tougher Than Ariz.’s : NPR. Nov 14

Barack Obama leads Republican rivals Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry in Hispanic vote National Post. Nov 11

Encuesta: Pese a desencanto, latinos siguen prefiriendo a Obama. L Prensa. Nov 10

Mother Jones: Obama’s Latino vote strategy: Run GOP debates ‘verbatim’ Nov 10

Poll: Obama Running Strong Among Latino Voters NationalJournal.com. Nov 9

Wall Street Journal: Obama still has Latino voters’ support, but enthusiasm slips Nov 9

Univision News: Poll finds Rubio still unknown to most Latinos Nov 9

Politico: Latino poll shows Obama cruising past GOP Nov 9

National Journal: Poll shows Obama running strong among Latino voters Nov 9

Huffington Post: Latino voters: Obama leads going into 2012, GOP faces backlash Nov 9

Huffington Post: A year out, the national landscape is changing Nov 9

CBS News: Latinos still back Obama but don’t know GOP candidates, poll shows Nov 9

Boston Globe: Poll finds Hispanic voters overwhelmingly support Obama over GOP contenders Nov 9

ABC News: A campaign beyond Cain? Nov 9

ABC News: At Michigan debate, questions on auto bailout opposition to rule Nov 9

La Crónica de Hoy Arrasaría Obama a republicanos entre votantes latinos Nov 8

Univision News: Poll shows Obama holds advantage with Latino voters, leaving GOP with uphill battle Nov 8

ABC News: New poll puts Obama far ahead of GOP with Latino voters Nov 8


Obama Detainee Policy Angers Hispanic Leaders - Chicago Tribune. Oct 29

The nasty ripple effects of Ala.’s immigration law Tucson SentinalOct 27

Reuters: Obama nods to Hispanics in West as Republicans slip Oct 26

Chicago Tribune: Clarence Page: Obama’s Border Blues and 2012 Oct 26

Obama in L.A.: He’s Visiting Latinos, But It’s Still All About the Money- Reuters. Oct 24

Salon.com: Why immigration won’t go away in 2012 Oct 24

AFP: Struggling Nevada Latinos could bet on Republicans Oct 23

Financial Times: Obama Courts the Hispanic Vote Oct 21

U.S. News & World Report: GOP is Obama’s Best Asset with Latinos Oct 20

Huffington Post: Roberto Lovato: To (Re)Gain Latino Voter Trust President Obama Must End SCOMM Oct 19

Time: How the 2012 Republicans are Faring with Latino Voters Oct 18

Dallas Morning News: Romney who, Perry quien? Oct 17

Latinos apoyan reforma de salud - Noticias locales, nacionales e internacionales - impre.com. Oct 10


The American Prospect: The Politics Of Obama’s Deportation Shift Aug 26

The American Prospect: Purchasing Racial Reconciliation On The Cheap Aug 26

USA Today: Obama’s support among Hispanics slipping Aug 23

Fox News: Latino support for Obama ebbs Aug 23

Fox News: Rubio tells GOP to shift tone on immigration Aug 23

Univision: Obama looks to boost standing with Latinos ahead of 2012 Aug 22

Washington Post: Obama administration works to rekindle excitement among Hispanic voters Aug 21

Univision: The political implications of Rick Perry’s mixed immigration record Aug 19

Huffington Post: Roberto Lovato: Obama’s 3 Percent Solution to the Immigration Crisis Aug 19

Huffington Post: Felipe Matos: On Immigration and Detention, the Facts Matter Indeed Aug 17

Southern California Public Radio: Are Latino Voters Truly Liberal at Heart? Aug 16

Latinos pierden ‘entusiasmo’ por Barack Obama, según encuesta. Cooperativa.cl. Aug 8


Washington Post: Obama leaves Hispanic activists unsatisfied July 25

NPR: The ‘Tequila Party’ Hopes To Stir Latino Voters July 12

Washington Post: Ruben Navarrette: Has Marco Rubio Sold Out the Latino Community? July 8

Fox News: Dems Push Ahead with DREAM Act, as ICE Offers New Guidelines for Illegal Immigrant Cases June 27

Muy lejos una ley de inmigración - Noticias locales, nacionales e internacionales - impre.com. June 17

USA Today: Obama will visit Puerto Rico with 2012 election on his mind June 8


CNN: Tequila Party aims to increase Latino voting bloc May 31

Politico: Marco Rubio takes a hard line on immigration May 23

Obama Uphill Arizona Battle New York Post May 15

New York Post: Over the Border: Immigration isn’t the issue that matters most to Latino voters May 15

Latinos: Obama’s Pandering on Immigration Falls Flat. Newsmax. May 13

Los Angeles Times: At border, Obama calls for immigration reform May 11

San Francisco Chronicle: Obama’s immigration speech offers no new proposals May 10

MSNBC: Obama visits Texas, but eyes larger Latino vote outside state May 10

NPR: Obama border politics in Texas visit May 9

Wall Street Journal: GOP Sees Shot at Latino Gains in 2012 May 2


Huffington Post: The President’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words Apr 29

NPR: Will Budget Deal Affect Obama’s Chances For Re-Election? Apr 13

impreMedia: Latinos dissatisfied with political parties, what it means for 2012 Apr 11

NPR: Poll: Housing Crisis A Major Worry Among Latinos Apr 8

Univision: Obama's Latino support shaken Apr 5

Bloomberg News: White House resists push to stop deportations, lawmakers say Apr 4


Southern California Public Radio: Report: Where Latino votes will matter most Mar 31

San Antonio Express News: Immigration the top issue for Hispanic voters Mar 28

Christian Science Monitor: Can Republicans salvage the Hispanic vote? Mar 26

MSNBC: Latino population boom will have 2012 election echoes Mar 24

The National Journal: The Rising Hispanic Tide – Latino leaders caution that politicians bash immigrants at their own risk Mar 4


Southern California Public Radio: Will the Dream Act matter to Latino voters in 2012? Feb 28

San Antonio Express-News: Latino support for Republicans is way, way down Feb 25

Orange County Register: impreMedia/LD Poll: Latino voters increasingly support Obama Feb 22

Crystal Ball: The Latino Threshold: Where the GOP needs Latino votes and why Feb 17

Politico: Poll: Latinos ‘not pro-Democrat, but rather anti-Republican Feb 14

impreMedia: Latino voters continue supporting Obama Feb 14

Politico: Immigration tops Latino agenda Feb 10


Latino Magazine: A Prayer for President Obama, Here come los Republicanos!

Politico: Health reform huge for Latinos Jan 25

New York Times: Gingrich gets a grilling on Univision Jan 25

Southern California Public Radio: More sense of the census: Analysis looks at Latino population growth and reapportionment Jan 19