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Republicans should look for a new playbook to win Latino Evangelicals

Latinos are demographically and politically ascendant in the United States. According to the latest Census figures, an estimated 53 million persons (17% of the total population) in the United States classify themselves as Latino. While over two-thirds (68%) are Catholic, born-again Evangelical Christianity is becoming a growing and significant religious tradition among Latinos. According to […]

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Moral values not a defining issue for Latino voters

In November 2004 the New York Times proclaimed “Moral values cited as a defining issue of the election” and numerous anecdotal claims were made that President Bush benefited from a spate of same-sex marriage initiatives across the country that boosted turnout among church-going social conservatives.  As part of this supposed “moral values” wave, some even […]

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GOP losing the Latina mom vote and much more

This article was originally published at NBC LATINO Less is more for the Republican Party when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. Conservative Republican women may fully support the strategy of curtailing such healthcare access but the rest of the female electorate does not take kindly to such an approach.  Neither do Latinas.  Ninety-five percent […]

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Their religion does not affect Latinos’ vote

By Pilar Marrero –  | 2011-12-8 Full Results From December Poll Posted Here LOS ANGELES, CA. – Because of the conservative philosophy of Latinos in the U.S. regarding family and religion, in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan said: “Hispanics are Republicans. They just don’t know it yet.” Today’s Republicans are still repeating this as if […]

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