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HR 5230 and HR 5272: Making a Bad Situation Worse and What It Means for November and Beyond

Last Friday, after months of foot-dragging and increasingly bizarre explanations to justify their inaction, Republican congressional leaders finally allowed legislation addressing immigration policy to be brought to the House floor for consideration. For those holding out hope that the House would act on comprehensive immigration reform before slinking away for a five-week recess, Friday night’s […]

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Executive Action on Immigration and Democratic House Incumbents 2014 Prospects

In a prior post, I drew on new polling conducted by Latino Decisions on behalf of the Center for American Progress Action Fund examining Latino voters’ attitudes towards executive action on immigration to consider how such action might affect the political context moving into the 2014 elections. The analysis suggests that the House Republicans’ decision […]

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Democrats and the Politics of Executive Action on Immigration

Reports that the House Republican leadership will not consider immigration legislation during the present Congress once again raises the prospects that President Obama will take executive action on immigration. Recent polling conducted by Latino Decisions for the Center for American Progress Action Fund suggests that executive action on immigration could help to offset some of […]

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New Poll: Latino Voter Views on President Obama Using His Executive Authority on Immigration

New polling of Latino voters conducted by Latino Decisions for the Center for American Progress Action Fund shows that Democrats stand to gain from the president using his broad executive authority to grant the immigrant community a measure of relief after House Republicans failed to pass immigration reform. TOPLINES HERE, and SLIDES HERE. Center for […]

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Latino Voters in Colorado: Electoral Influence and Immigration Politics

Home to one of the fastest growing Latino electorates in the country, Colorado is set to steal the national spotlight in House, Senate and Gubernatorial races this November with immigration playing a key role.  In the wake of Colorado’s Gubernatorial primary, experts in immigration politics, Latino issues and civic engagement analyzed Tuesday night’s primary results […]

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Infographic: GOP has a lot to win or lose on immigration reform

A new survey conducted by the Center for American Progress and Latino Decisions finds Republicans have a lot to win  by addressing immigration reform, and a lot to lose by ignoring it.   Infographic produced by SwitchYard Media

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Democrats Missing Opportunities in Top Tier Latino Influence House Districts

Recent polling conducted by Latino Decisions continues to find that comprehensive immigration reform is an animating issue for Latino voters and if immigration reform does not happen this year, most Latino voters will hold the Republican Party responsible.  Yet, the ability of Latinos and other pro-immigration reform voters to reward or punish members of Congress […]

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Mass deportations are alienating young Latino voters from the Democratic Party

The United States government has been deporting large numbers of undocumented migrants as of late (see Figure 1 below), and the majority of them are Latino. In addition to negatively affecting the individuals removed from the country, this policy also affects many people who remain, such as US-citizen family members. Drawing on a study of […]

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Immigration Legislation or Executive Action Will Shape Latino Vote

Last summer, in the wake of the US Senate’s passage of S. 744, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” Latino Decisions, in concert with America’s Voice, identified three tiers of Democratically and Republican held competitive House districts where Latino voters are sufficiently concentrated to be influential in 2014. Our analysis suggests that […]

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Is the GOP backpedaling on the “GOP”?

A year ago this month, the Republican National Committee released its post-2012 election political autopsy report: the “Growth & Opportunity Project.” The “GOP”—a quite clever acronym, indeed—was the national party’s response to critics, both internal and external, about what ailed the party and what it could do to cure itself. The Republicans had cause to […]

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