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The Latino Electorate and the Republican National Convention

Throughout last week’s Republican Party National Convention in Cleveland, Latino Victory Project, Latino Decisions, and Fusion released daily poll results assessing how Latino voters were reacting to the convention. The project’s design, which consisted of 300 registered Latino voters completing online surveys in Spanish and English each day, was advantageous for two reasons. It allowed […]

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Tipping Point: Will Latinos Follow Pope Francis’s Lead on the Environment?

Recent survey shows Latinos overwhelming support the pope’s call to defend God’s creation as nearly 80% say they are already experiencing the effects of climate change. History is being made this week. The first-ever address by a pope to Congress filled the National Mall in Washington, D.C., as hundreds of thousands gathered to watch as it […]

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Barriers and Strategies to Naturalization for Latino Legal Permanent Residents

New polling released today by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund and Latino Decisions highlights the importance of citizenship and strategies to address barriers that Latino Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) face in pursuing this very important goal. There are 3.8 million Latino LPRs eligible to become naturalized American citizens, […]

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Obstacles and Opportunities in Texas

State Senator Wendy Davis won the Texas Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination this week. There was never any doubt she would win, her only opposition was Corpus Christi Municipal Judge, and frequent candidate, Ray Madrigal. Even though Davis won with a landslide 79% of the vote, she lost in nearly every South Texas and border-area county with […]

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Demographics and Immigration Politics in Arizona

The longer House Republicans delay a vote on immigration reform in Washington, the worse the long-term political consequences.  Case in point: Arizona. A new report, conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice, illustrates how the current immigration debate is influencing the state’s growing Latino electorate and how both parties have an opportunity to […]

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Changing Demographics in Texas and the Politics of Immigration

A new report by Latino Decisions about the growing Hispanic vote in Texas outlines opportunities and challenges for both the Democratic Party and the GOP.  Although Hispanics represent a large swath of the electorate, weak turnout levels have undercut their power at the ballot box.  At the same time, their numbers are growing and these […]

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The Impact of Congressional CIR Rhetoric and Action on Latino Voters

A new poll from America’s Voice and Latino Decisions shows immigration policy action and rhetoric weighs heavily in on Latino voters as they evaluate elected officials, parties, and their vote choices. The national survey of 500 Latino registered voters asked a novel set of questions to measure the extent to which position-taking and votes on […]

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For Hispanics in Texas border communities, politics isn’t just local – it’s personal

What happens under the pink dome in Texas doesn’t stay under the dome, according to a new Latino Decisions/Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) survey conducted among Hispanics in the state’s three largest border communities (El Paso, Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley). The study finds these Texans are deeply connected to their local schools, making […]

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Immigration Reform: GOP’s big chance to deliver on Latino outreach

Recent elections demonstrate that immigration is a mobilizing issue for Latino voters. We can be sure that Congressional action, or inaction, on the current comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill will factor in to Latino voting decisions in 2014 and beyond. Our recent polling finds a majority of Latino voters, 58%, cite immigration reform as the […]

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Latino voters favor gun restrictions

The grim statistics and on-going stories about children, men and women killed by guns in America have led many to conclude that enough is enough; something must to be done to curb the senseless loss of lives gun violence. That something needs to be done is without controversy as Americans across the ideological divide desire […]

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