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New Report to Detail “Prop. 187 Effect” on GOP House Races Across Nation if Immigration Reform Does Not Move Forward

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New Report to Detail “Prop. 187 Effect” on GOP House Races Across Nation if Immigration Reform Does Not Move Forward

Data Shows How Latino Voters Will View Immigration Stall and Impact for GOP in Future

Los Angeles, CA – On Thursday, October 17th, researchers from respected Latino Voting trends firm, Latino Decisions, will release new district-by-district and national data depicting how Latino voters will perceive a stall in immigration reform and the impact these views will have for the future of the GOP nationally. The report was authored by Political Science professors David Damore (UNLV) and Adrian Pantoja (Claremont Colleges). The researchers will reveal whether the Californian Republican Party’s embrace of Prop. 187 in 1994, and subsequent significant decline in Republican representation, is a harbinger for the GOP’s future nationally, and whether the GOP can recover Latino support by leading on comprehensive immigration reform.

The infamous anti-immigrant ballot measure Prop. 187 was championed by then-Governor Pete Wilson in his re-election bid and resulted in a significant backlash and political mobilization among Latino voters in California.  As a direct result of the California Republican Party’s embrace of Prop. 187 while the state’s demographics shifted, Latino voters have been instrumental in electing Democratic majorities in both houses of the state legislature and to every state-wide office.


  • Matt Barreto, Co-Founder Latino Decisions
  • Gary Segura, Co-Founder Latino Decisions
  • Ben Monterroso, National Director, Mi Familia Vota
  • Stephen Nuño,  Professor, Politics & International Affairs, Northern Arizona University
  • Paola Fernandez, DREAM Act Student and Immigration Activist from Bakersfield

 What:          Webinar: “The Prop. 187 Effect: How the GOP Forfeited California & What it says about our current national political stalemate”

When:          Thursday, October 17th, 2013
1:00pm EST
10:00am PDT

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